bottoms up!
2010-12-12 @ 12:28:25
Another day here.

I just have done my homework, so I'm less depressed of school.
Tomorrow maybe I will have dance classes (I'm teacher there), so I almost done choreography to 'bottoms up'.
I'll go to stable today and maybe ride? I really don't know, cuz I have hard times now.
And I'm fucking angry, cuz He kicked me out from crue!
But I thought it's better for me, cuz now I can retaliate on Him! yea.
And I have reason to become better dancer, and be in crue again.
Now I'm doin' longer choreography, so it's hard to learn for each others, but I don't care. My dancing become better and better, so really I don't care. Now it's only me and my dancing. This is most important thing in my life.

and music to my classes :

Bottoms Up!
I really can't wait that classes <3
And I found new motto of life...

'You can take the Dancer out of the Dance, but You can't take the Dance out of the Dancer' <3

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