The Edge, with: Anthony Hopkins, Alec Baldwin
2011-01-02 @ 13:17:11
Charles Morse (Anthony Hopkins) is very rich and very inteligent in sophisticated way. So Hopkins come back to his most remembered role in The Silence of the Lambs, except now he isn't evil at all. With his younger wife, and her photographer Robert Green (Alec Baldwin) they came to hut in Alaskian mountains. But, what is pretty obvious, Charles suspected, that his wife has affair with Robert, and that they planned to kill him for his money.

This movie looks much better, when we look at it from outside, but it has some irritating defect in his construction. First of all, the authors couldn't decide, which element of scenario is most important. Consequently, we've got two threads: duel between clever Hopkins and not so clever Baldwin. And duel between them two and Big Malignant Bear. But this both threads are rather shallow.

The Edge is also pretty unrealistic. Examples? Few times our heroes fell to icy-cold water, but in the next scene their clothes were dry. They didn't eat for couple of days, but looks quite well and even didn't complain for it. There is also some really ridiculous mistakes: In one scene Charles had a beard, in next he fled from the bear, and then his beard just... disappear! You could ask: "What difference does it make?" Well, It does for me.

Although all this problems, the movie can be enterteining especially for his beautiful scenery and quite good acting.

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