Final Fantasy VII - story ( last part - 5)
2006-08-17 @ 13:23:39
2 years after Meteor falls:
· Reno, Tseng, and Elena go to Northern Crater to retrieve JENOVA's remains. The mission goes awry when they discover Loz, Yazoo, and Kadaj there, and they are attacked. Reno is able to get away with JENOVA's remains, but Tseng and Elena are captured by the three, and tortured for information.
· In Edge, Marlene helps Tifa take care of the orphanage, including a boy named Denzel, who has Geostigma. Tifa gets a call from Reno. He has asked her to tell Cloud to meet them in Healin.
· Cloud receives the message from Tifa and goes to Healin via the Wasteland. But he is attacked by Loz and Yazoo, who summon Shadow Creepers (monsters from negative lifestream energy). It becomes apparent that they are looking for "mother" and call Cloud "big brother". But as soon as they start attacking, they stop, and Cloud makes it to Healin.
· Cloud is briefly attacked by Reno and Rude, who he easily shrugs off and discovers Rufus is alive. He appears confined to a wheelchair and has Geostigma. Rufus asks to hire him for his muscle, as he intends to restore Shinra as a benevolent power and set things right, to reform the mistakes he's made. He tells Cloud about the mission to Northern Crater, but when seeing he is not interested in joining them, he tells Cloud they found nothing.
· Kadaj, after torturing Tseng and Elena, finds Rufus Shinra at Healin, and beats the snot out of Reno and Rude. Kadaj demands to know where "mother" is, showing him Tseng and Elena's bloody ID badges to show he means business. Rufus replies he doesn't know, that the remains they recovered fell from the helicopter. Kadaj reveals his plan to initiate another Reunion, using the Geostigma as the invitation.
· Tifa and Marlene find the church where Cloud is staying and discover a dirty arm ribbon, evidence he is hiding the fact he has Geostigma. Loz enters, looking for "mother". He and Tifa fight, with Loz as the victor. Just as he's about to kill her, Marlene throws a Materia globe at him from Cloud's big box. Loz leaves, taking the materia and Marlene with him.
· Kadaj, Loz, and Yazoo gather together the children affected by Geostigma, including Denzel, saying they are taking them to a place to heal them.
· Cloud returns to the church and finds Tifa unconscious in the flower bed. He suffers a bad attack from his Geostigma and wakes up back in the orphanage. Apparently, he was brought there by Rude and Reno, who go off to find what happened to the children. Tifa confronts him about his disease and why he kept it a secret. Cloud remains tight-lipped and closed off, saying he does not deserve help. Tifa asks him to open up, knowing Aeris is at the back of his mind, but Cloud refuses. Reno and Rude return, saying the children were brought to the Forgotten City. Cloud leaves to pursue them.
· Kadaj takes one of the materia Loz has brought with him and inserts it into his arm. He talks to the children at the pond in from of the Forgotten City. He tells them that "mother" gave them a gift, but the planet is trying to fight it, causing the Geostigma. He wants to heal them, to strike back at the Planet. He permeates the water with his will and commands them to drink. They all do, including Denzel, despite the pleas of Marlene. This activates their JENOVA cells and their Reunion instinct, with Kadaj's hopes that this will lead them to JENOVA's remains.
· Cloud arrives, ready for action, but the kids jump in front of his bike, causing him to skid out. He is attacked by the three, and fights a losing battle, but is saved at the last minute by Vincent. They retreat to a safe place in the forest where Vincent reveals his theory of what Geostigma is and what Loz, Yazoo, and Kadaj are. Marlene appears, strona 9. asking for him to stop isolating himself from those who are still with him and love him. Cloud decides to stop brooding and try gaining forgiveness.
· In Edge, the children have gathered around the monument to Midgar. Loz and Yazoo prepare to pull it down, believing this is where JENOVA is, but are surrounded by angry parents and summon Shadow Creepers to fend them off and cause chaos. Tifa tries to waken Denzel. Meanwhile, Rufus and Reno fight Loz and Yazoo.
· Meanwhile, Rufus looks at the chaos from a vantage point in a building somewhere in town. Kadaj approaches him, and Rufus asks what motivates him. Kadaj confesses of his jealousy of Sephiroth, who JENOVA really wants, but would do anything for "mother". Rufus says history will repeat itself, and no matter what, Kadaj and his ilk would be stopped again and again. Kadaj answers back by summoning Bahamut SIN through the materia. Bahamut causes even more chaos in the town, as Kadaj has the ability to control it though the materia. He makes Bahamut rip through the monument with its flare attack. The explosion breaks the hold of the Geostigma on the children. Just as Bahamut is about to attack Denzel, Barret arrives and fends him off. The others arrive too - Red XII, with Cait Sith on his back, Yuffie, Cid, and finally, Cloud. He says he feels lighter. The group all take turns fighting Bahamut off, jumping from building to building, as Bahamut destroys the place, but they are like ants to it. Cloud dives in with a little more success.
· Back at the building, Rufus reveals he has been holding JENOVA's remains all this time under his cloak, and throws the box off the building. Kadaj dives after it. Rufus dives after him, shooting his gun.
· With Kadaj distracted, his control over Bahamut SIN is released, and Bahamut returns to his default behavior and rises in the air to attack with Mega Flare. Cloud jumps up in the air after it, being propelled by his friends Barret, Cid, Red XIII, Yuffie, Vincent, and Tifa. But it is not enough, as the force of the Mega Flare begins to push him back... until he receives a final hand from Aerith through the flare. Cloud drags his sword along Bahamut's spine and he falls in a giant explosion.
· Shinra and Kadaj are still falling. Kadaj grabs the box, but Shinra shoots it open. Rufus is caught in nets thrown by Tseng and Elena. Kadaj recovers the box and escapes on a bike. Cloud pursues them through a closed-off highway. Reno and Rude wait with a flashy bomb at the end and detain Loz and Yazoo. Cloud and Kadaj jump off the highway, and Cloud loses him in the wasteland.
· Kadaj hides in Cloud's church, opens the box, and screams when he sees the damaged contents. Cloud finds him and drives his bike into the church. They fight again, bringing down parts of the building. Just as it looks like Kadaj has the jump on him, the flowerbed erupts with a geyser of water/lifestream, flooding the church and repelling Kadaj. The water falls on Cloud, healing his Geostigma. Cloud pursues Kadaj outside and the Shera, holding Cloud's friends, hovers nearby (including Yuffie, who has apparently gotten over her motion sickness). Vincent says that Kadaj is a remnant of Sephiroth, a larva. They discuss what to do, but Tifa says Cloud has to fight this alone. The others don't understand, but go along with it.
· Cloud successfully defeats Kadaj, leaving him hanging on the ledge of a building with the box of JENOVA's remains in his free hand. Kadaj falls back, holding the box, merging with the JENOVA cells. Cloud realizes what he's about to do and dives in pursuit. Just as he is about to bring down his sword, he is blocked - by Sephiroth's Masamune. They fight, as Sephiroth tells of what he wants to do, to choke this Planet and turn it into a vessel to sail the cosmos and find a new Planet. Sephiroth summons the spirit energy of those who died from Geostigma to turn the world to darkness. Cloud remembers those who he cherishes and defeats Sephiroth with Omnislash Ver. 5. Sephiroth wraps himself in his one black wing, saying he will never be a memory, and vanishes, leaving Kadaj's form which falls. Rain falls, rain like that from the lifestream that flooded the church. It falls on Kadaj, healing his JENOVA cells, which makes him disappear. Cloud basks in the rain and his victory as the Highwind returns.
· Suddenly, he is shot in the back by Yazoo, who stands with Loz on the building, struggling not to disappear in the rain, using the ton of materia in their arms to sustain themselves. Cloud attacks as they release the power of the materia, causing an explosion.
· Cloud drifts through white space, being observed by the spirits of Zack and Aeris. He wakes up in the church, surrounded by his friends and the children, in the pool of lifestream that has flooded the floor. He pours the water over Denzel, healing him of the Geostigma. All the other children jump in, laughing and splashing around. As they have their fun, Cloud sees Aeris walking out of the church, with Zack in the doorway. Cloud smiles, knowing he's been forgiven.
498 years later:
· Red XIII and his grandchildren climb to the top of Cosmo Canyon and look at the ruins of Midgar, now covered in greenery and forest.

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