Final Fantasy VII - story (part 4)
2006-08-17 @ 13:12:17
Side Quests:
· Cloud can find Yuffie in forests near Junon, who fights him. After he beats her, she joins him when she realizes he has lots of Materia, and schemes to steal it at her first opportunity.
· When Cloud visits Wutai, Yuffie will steal all his Materia and run away. He chases her throughout Wutai, and finds the three Turks on their break there as well. They are asked by Shinra to search for Don Corneo, but refuse. However, Elena and Yuffie are both captured by Corneo, and the Turks agree to help Cloud save them and drop Corneo off a cliff.
· If Yuffie manages to defeat the bosses in the Tower of the Five Gods, including her father Godo, she and he will have a reunion and she will receive the Leviathan Materia.
· Cloud can find the key to the room housing Vincent in the Shinra Mansion and convince him to help him fight Sephiroth and Hojo.
· Later, Vincent discovers Lucrecia, still alive, in a waterfall cave. He tells her that Sephiroth is dead, being the only thing he can say to her. He later finds his best weapon and Limit Break in the cave.
· Cloud can breed his own chocobo in the chocobo stables and run them in races. He can find hints by talking to a purple Chocobo Sage, who unfortunately suffers from periodic amnesia.
· Cloud can chase after the flying Ultima Weapon in the Highwind, and get the Ultima Weapon sword when he beats it. It also causes a huge chasm in the Cosmo Canyon area, and Cloud can climb to the Ancient Forest, which houses another sword, the Apocalypse, as well as some other goodies like the Typoon summon.
· Cloud can visit the Gelnika, shot down by a Weapon when flying to Rocket Town. Reno and Rude are here as well, and they initiate a fight. Much treasure is inside.
· There are four secret Materia caves found via Chocobo; the Knights of the Round summon is in one of them.
· The Ruby Weapon dwells in the Corel desert. If Cloud manages to defeat him, a trader in Kalm Town will give him his own gold Chocobo.
· The Ghost Ship enemy in the Underwater Reactor will drop a Guide Book if morphed. Giving that to the trader in Kalm Town will give Cloud an Underwater materia, which allows him to breathe underwater. He can then use it to defeat the Emerald Weapon dwelling there. If he manages to do so, the trader will give him one of every Master Materia!
(The last two points are only in the American and International versions, not the original Japanese version. The final scene with Zack is only available in those versions as well; you can see it by returning to the Shinra Mansion basement.)

Advent Children
Sometime within the next two years:
· Meteor is destroyed, but when Lifestream spreads over the Planet, it carries JENOVA cells with it (because JENOVA was blown apart inside the Planet and its pieces fell into Lifestream). These JENOVA cells are contracted by people and infect the body, which causes the body to fight back with its own spirit energy (the body's internal lifestream). This internal conflict causes the body to overcompensate and causes fatigue, open sores, discoloration of the skin, secretion of black liquid, and eventually death. This disease becomes known as Geostigma and heavily affects the people, though they do not know what causes it, and thus, can't cure it.
· Cloud, Tifa, Barret, Cid, Yuffie, Vincent, Red XIII, and Cait Sith stop once at the Forgotten City to pay homage to their fallen comrade. They all split up as easily as they joined, but promise to reunite one day.
· Midgar is in a shambles. The people decide to stop using Mako, and thus, the Mako Reactors. Shinra Electric Company goes under (moreso) and Midgar is abandoned.
· Tifa, Cloud, and Barret go to Corel and then to Nibelheim. They all decide they can't live in the past and travel to Kalm. There, Barret reunites with Marlene and they tell Elmyra what has happened. Kalm becomes flooded with refugees, and the three decide to go back to Midgar to try and reestablish normal lives.
· The citizens form a city on the borders of Midgar, calling it Edge. They construct a monument to Midgar (a replica made out of debris) in the center of the town.
· Denzel continues staying with people who will take him in, suffering much heartbreak as people around him die of Geostigma. Eventually he joins a group of orphans who are hired to gather scrap material for the building of Edge.
· Barret comes to the house one day with a bottle of Corel wine. After getting drunk he proposes they make a business out of selling the wine. They decide to build it in Edge, and sleep under a plate threatening to fall as they gather the parts to build it.
· The bar is built, and they end up calling it Seventh Heaven again. Barret becomes sort of a bouncer (although most of the time he just sits in a corner drinking wine), and Cloud takes it upon himself to gather the fruits, vegetables, and other goods needed to run the bar. He is having trouble socializing.
· After the first week, Barret says he needs to go on a journey to settle his past, leaving Marlene in Cloud and Tifa's care.
· At some pont during this journey, Barret gets an upgrade to his gun arm, giving it the ability to look and operate like a normal arm.
· Months after the bar opens, Cloud buys a bike, and spends most of his free time and money upgrading it. This allows him greater distances to travel to obtain goods. While traveling back and forth, he also starts earning extra money by delivering items for people. Tifa discovers this and encourages him to open up a side-business venture. Strona 8. Strife Delivery Service is formed - Tifa and Marlene take the calls, Cloud delivers the goods, although he can only go places he can reach on his bike. The business is successful, as monsters are still present, and lifestream geysers have ruined many of the roads. The business' success also means Cloud isn't around much anymore, and Tifa's surrogate family finds itself in a rift.
· Eventually, most of the people move out of Midgar to this city, including Denzel's group of orphans. Helpless and hungry, he finds a motorbike and a phone outside a church. He calls the number and accidentally calls Tifa. After a brief exchange, he collapses from Geostigma, and is brought to Tifa's. He lives there helping out in the bar when he is not suffering from Geostigma's ill effects. When she asks Cloud where he found him, she realizes that Cloud is staying somewhere else.
· Denzel treats Cloud as a hero and father figure. Although Tifa is a little hurt by this, it means Cloud stays around more, taking less and less deliveries. Relations between everyone seem to be getting better, and Tifa believes their family has returned.
· Tifa confronts Cloud about where he found Denzel. He confesses that he has been staying at Aeris's church. After that conversation, Cloud leaves. The only way Tifa can get in contact with him now is through PHS phone messages (he never picks up). He does this because he feels guilt and shame for all those who died that he could not prevent, particularly Aeris. Also, he hides the fact that he has contracted Geostigma, which he covers with a single sleeve. Due to his Mako exposure, he has more intense symptoms, with flashes of pain and white light, and spasms in the affected arm.
· Reeve is recruiting for a new organization the WRO (whatever that is).
· On his journey, Barret looks for alternative fuel sources, coming upon an oil field.
· Reno, Rude, Elena, Tseng, and Rufus Shinra, having survived everything, make base at the Healin Lodge (west of Midgar), where Rufus is recovering from being hit by Diamond Weapon. He also has Geostigma. With all that has happened, he realizes the mistakes of the past and decides he must reform them. Procuring a Shinra helicopter, he organizes a mission to Northern Crater to retrieve the last remains of JENOVA

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