fatigued - znużony :P Ne word for today :P
2011-03-02 @ 08:46:38
If somebody reads this can he or she correct my mistakes?? It would be lovely.. :)

So I watched Usta Usta and Kuba Wojewódzki yesterday. And honestly I didn't like new episodes. In my opinion first season was the best, the funniest and the most interesting. The yesterday's was more or less boring. If's about Kuba he still remains the same. I don't know why he invited Marczuk, but he didn't believe her at all in case of her bribery case. :) So do I :P

I am still sick at home. Finally I can do nothing, but for how long?? I have been laying in bed since Thursday. I am really tired of that. My boyfriend is almost not visiting me at all ;( I would like to come back to Kraków asap.

Se ya

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