2018-08-24 @ 13:01:56
Recently was rainy day and fortunately I have an umbrella with me. I was going from urban rail station. One woman didn't have an umbrella, but started to run. I catched her up and offer to go together under umbrella. She asked if I also go to shopping centre, I confirmed. This short way we made in silent, but still it was nice to help this woman go through rain and stay dry :)
2018-08-24 @ 12:13:55
Some cloudy day, while going back from lesson I met elderly lady with shopping bags walking slowly uphill. She looks so poor at those moment, probably tired, therefore I offered help. I took her bags and we went on, uphill. I noticed she was holding kind of board with horses and information about this animals, for her grandchild. We chatted about horses and stuff up till staircase. I think she's really smart and interesting person :)
2018-08-24 @ 11:21:09
On the last meeting at Alpha course in Rumia we've got special guests: a couple from Zakopane. First they talk about themselves and what they do, later we've got questions and conversation. Lastly, they pray for each one. It was amazing, they really have beautiful relation with God! On parting I thought I can give them chocolate, which I bought in confectionary plant Bałtyk. And that was success, because I gave them chocolate with almond filling, which they like the most :D It was so kind to see their happiness ^^
2018-08-24 @ 10:57:52
One day I was going from city to my dorm and on the way I noticed lady, who was sitting on the small Wall and wasn't look very good. So I asked what's happened. She felt bad because of some illness. I proposed to help carry her big shopping bag to home. At the begining she refused, didn't want to bother me, but I convinced her I'm not in hurry and like walking, so helping her will be my pleasure. Eventually she agreed :) I took her bag and accompanied to her house. En route we had nice chat ;)
2018-08-24 @ 07:22:28
In May I first time visited city of Łódź. The main reason called Jesus Christ Superstar the Musical and took place in the evening - I was so excited waiting for that - and I don't regret, that was amazing performance! But before, during the day, my friend Ola showed me nice and known places in Łódź. One of those was metropolian cathedral, where on the table stood small basket. They collected rosaries for prisoners and ill people. I left here one rosary, which I got before, I hope it'll be useful for somebody. Lucky me, some time later, one of Black Frier sister gave me her rosary! ;)
2018-08-24 @ 06:35:21
I'm from Masuria, now living in 3City. Once I got branched tree cake (sękacz) and gave a piece to janitress in my dormitory. First she didn't want to take it, but I insisted, so finally she took it and she was very happy, because she really like this cake. I was glad I could give her a little of pleasure :)
2018-08-23 @ 19:09:41
Last New Year's Eve I spent in Basel, on The European Meeting with thousands of young people and brothers from Taizé. I was volunreer there and it was fantastic time! I met a lot of great people, get to know a little of Taizé's spirit and I helped with organisation. Amazing time :)
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