2018-04-18 @ 21:43:28
In the autumn I met quite old woman with stick, who was carrying heavy shopping bag. At first I didn't want to help her, I was hoping she would turn left, but she didn't, so finally I decided to help. She's nice, I found out she worked in the city, where I was learning and living at secondary school. She also has a husbend (now he lives in Heaven), who was from the city, where I graduated my Bachelor degree. Some time later I had met her again in the same situation.

After Easter I was travelling by train from home. Some grandpa was sitting before me, but only till some station, then he has to stand, because there was a lot of people. I was doing my homework. At one point I noticed it's hard to him to stand upright. Well, he was old, I could see he felt pain in legs and back. So I got on my feet and told him to sit down. He was grateful and I was continuing my homework. At next station, maybe an hour later, we changed. But he wasn't on foot long time, because another lady proposed him a seat. After next hour he got off the train.

Today I went with my roommate for train to say her bye for a few days and have a little walk. When she entered train I was going back through the platform and saw a woman who was carrying big and heavy luggage alone. Then she went downstairs for second big suitcase, so I offered her help and carried it with her. She is from Ukraine, was working in Poland for half year. In Wroclaw she meet husband and come back to her hometown in West-Ukraine.
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