2017-08-08 @ 11:03:03
On the 13th of July (Thursday) I had my thesis defence. I was very nervous. But my friends, BiZ and ZiP were with me and I met a few people, who heartened me. I'm so grateful to my supervisor, professor Engr. Hanna Pondel, PhD. She is wonderful teacher, she helped me a lot. She's incredible welcoming and motivating. That day I was buying flowers for her and two other members of the commettee. The florist Kwietna is also a fantastic woman, she made beautiful bunches, really gorge. After thesis defence I went to her again to say thanks and give her a sweet :) I also went to one girl, who I talked day before with. I was so happy, after my thesis defence (I got 4,5 mark) I wanted to share my joy with everyone! Even when homeless couple asked me for time, I gave them sweets and show off my achievement ;) They told me: More power to your elbow! :D That was amazing day! :D
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