2016-10-31 @ 18:22:34
Yesterday night I was coming back from work, very tired and sleepy. I saw young people wearing black clothes and partying. It was sad, but I've met girl vomiting near to her friend and two boys dragged another boy, rolling drunk. A dozen or so meters further, girls, I suppose on the first year study, went laughing and carrying beers. I observed one girl with freckles I guess. Another dozen or so meters further on the pavement lied smartfon in case, with ID and stuff. I picked it up, looked at the picture on ID and recognised the girl with freckles. I was thinking I probably couldn't call to somebody, but it successfully unblocked! I started going back hoping meet this girl again. First calling has no reply. I thaught I has a problem. But fortunately in the second call some girl answered and then I could talk with proper girl. We have met and I gave back her smartfon. I saw she was very grateful, despite she could only say 'Thank you' - a few times. I wished her having fun and went on home. I'm glad I brought back her smartfon, if I'm not, she would be in trouble. I hope later she watched out.

Regards! ^^
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