2012-06-21 @ 20:13:52
Last week I went on a walk and behind blocks of flats I saw kids, near me. I didn't care about them, I just went along. But suddenly the girl, who ran, stumbled and fell down. I was close, so I even didn't think, I just came to her fast, put her up (I think she was in age 7-8), checked her small injuries, asked, if it's all right. She cried a little, and felt pain on her hand and knee, but I assured her, that's nothing, only little pain and nothing will be wrong with her. I tell her to go to home, to her Mom, who will clean her injuries and it will be ok.
In this while I felt important, needed and useful. :) I'm happy and proud, that I was able to do something, even I know, it's nothing special.
It's just my own, little victory. :)
I recommend this feeling xD
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