Hi everyone!
2011-02-20 @ 10:03:14
Two week ago I started going to boxing training. Does someone of You doing this sport? Now I can do only 'garda', left and right straight and of course walking, but I'm so glad because of it. ;) Not good I do 'fight with shadow', but I hope I'll be good at it in near future ;D

Do You watched film "Requiem for a dream"? It's crazy, I like it :)

Are You play on some music instrument? I play on flute. And now, when two years ago I finished music school, I thing this instrument is stupid and I don't want play on it any more. :/ What are You thing about it?
Do it yourself.
2011-02-06 @ 12:40:35
My winter holiday are finished :( Today at 6pm I going to dormitory. Geez! I don't want come back to school! It's terrible, next free days going to be in April! It's too much work days.
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