Every little part of me.
2011-01-25 @ 21:19:17
Hello! It was very tiring day..unfortunately I have a lot of exams but what is consoling? it is three day to Studniowka!:) Finally I will relax!
Now I am learning German, ughh I don't understand this foreign language. I want winter holiday, please, give me that!!!<3

And this is songs for today:

love it!
2011-01-24 @ 14:53:56
Hello! I came back home. I am very tired. My Math exam was.. difficult! I wanted good mark, but I know, I will get maybe 3. I must leave this class with very good marks!
Now I am sitting and eating my tasty dinner, yum yum! After I am going to learn Geography and learn a poem by heart.
How's your day?
See Ya.
Barbara Palvin <3
2011-01-23 @ 12:15:10
Hi everybody :) Do you know beautiful model Barbara Palvin? I love her! She is brilliant! I would like to look like her. Her hair, her eyes.. mm beuatiful. I read her twitter every day. What do you think about her?
Today is Sunday. I hate this. Every Sunday I am bored and I do nothing. I have to learn maths.. I have the exam yesterday, I want to get good mark!
How's your day? :)
See ya.
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