Paris, Paris, Paris! I love it so much<3
2011-02-16 @ 19:15:29
Done! omg, such a long day! Now I am in Paris, ughhh It's fantastic place!
i am a little bit tired. I had some castings today, I hope that everything will be good. Certainly, my friend finger crossed (;
Now I am relaxing.. I am drinking fruity tea od listening to music of course. I have to go to bed early today because tomorrow I have castings again. my mum gonna be there with me, I am so happy ahh!:)
How's your life darlings?:*

Wow, castings in Paris... are you a model? Or actress... That may be wonderful. I keep my fingers crossed, You have to win the castings! I've always wanted to be a model as I was a child - like every girl I think ;) But write more please about your tour :) Take care
Again me - I wrote "if something interesting happen" And... well, that was destiny! ;) I also had been on a casting this weekend, but that was completely by accident, while I was shopping ;) I actually get to the next level but... this was a casting to a "Face Gallery", not anything big. So I decided - not for me at all. I hope, I wouldn't regret ;)

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