There is no remedy for memories
2014-09-28 @ 11:04:31
I am not in a good mood. I`m sad. Yesterday I had a party with two Kates and our friend Simon. But it was a sad one for me. Ok, we were having some fun but my best friend Kate brought me a bad message. She won`t be studying veterinary medicine this year. She took a gap year and decided to study medicine in Cracow (payable).

Okay. I am happy because she is happy. But she was my bestest friend and we were holding together always. Now coming back for my studies seems to be hopeless. Obviously, I am studying for myself but best friends always give you strenght.

Today I am in the village. At 3 p.m. I am taking part in my niece`s baptist.


I understand D.. It was and it is hard for me too. But it was you who wanted to break up. I hold you in high esteem and I appreciate your opinion. I would do everything for you my Dear... I gave you my free time, my love, my acceptance, my positive and negative features and I believe you were the bestest one for me. I won`t air my grievances. I can`t. It was only your decision. I was crying and asking you for return at the main station. Your one word could change everything.
Check it out.
2014-09-26 @ 09:35:01
Check your e-mail box man. Maybe you visit my blog sometimes... I can`t write to you on Facebook `cause I don`t like using this page. So check it out and answer my question. Ah, and you don`t have to be afraid.


Woke up at 5 a.m.!!! Jesus. I haven`t finished my writing tasks yet so I should hurry up. Keep your fingers crossed :D
Artistic couple.
2014-09-22 @ 20:05:05
Hell yeah, we have been working for 3 days to play Dillon`s cover on piano together. But as always - I will find a mistake and a reason not to share the video.

My cousin has a great sense of hearing. I envy him! He learned how to play piano only on his own.

Now it is time to come back to Cracow again. But one day, I am sure, we will record the song.
2014-09-18 @ 18:13:11
Latterly I am so busy that I can`t even listen to music. I am spending some days in the village. On Sunday I am going to Ostrava to watch NATO airplane`s show.

Ergh... Lack of cigarettes :( My lungs can relax now... until my coming back to Cracow.

I am aware of the consequences of smoking but ... I have to. I need this special time to rest, to focus on myself, to stop.

It is stupid but smoking brings me back to life.

As for the music ...
2014-09-05 @ 19:44:26
Music will be always in my heart. I had a chance but I decided not to participate in another talent-show programme. I don`t feel so self-confident now.

The last episodes and love-dramas opened me. Now I know what I am singing about. I feel that I am honest in this way. When I am singing I am sure that it is all out of me, I can clearly pass on emotions inside me and transfer them into my voice. I am full of memories and affection. Now I am simply true. But it is not my time.

I have to learn how to control my emotions and then bring my ideas into effect. I have to accomplish my music. That won`t be easy but I am sure I will manage to make it.

I am so happy and glad that this ALL happened to me. Now I feel the pain in music and the honesty is the most important.

One of my songs: DONAT - Sprawdzę
Look at the past.
2014-09-04 @ 20:08:37
I would like to recommend you the film "Boyhood". What did I like the most in Boyhood? Acting profession (especially the main character) is changless through all movie. It took 12 years to shoot the film. And the effects are astonishing because we can observe a child, a boy, a teenager and then an adult.

Everyone will find something from his own juvenescence. Furthermore, there are a lot of thought-provoking quotes.

What about me? Tomorrow I am meeting with Thomas (for cooking liver :D) and then I am meeting with Kate, my bestest friend from my studies. It will be a good day!

Wish you all the best!
2014-09-03 @ 16:29:24
Cinema with my friends :) Welcome to Bonarka :D

I hope "Boyhood" will be great.

I will write sth more tomorrow.

See you guys!

Sweet talker.
2014-09-02 @ 11:00:58
It will be a hard day. Writing 50 articles - ready, steady, go!

Jessie J`s "Sweet talker" in the background. I am addicted to this song.

What would be the Earth without ART??

It would be just Eh.

Jessie J - Sweet Talker
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