Still missing you.
2014-08-30 @ 18:52:33
Sitting alone. My cousin left Cracow one hour ago. Now I know the feeling of longing so well. I miss you.

"Come. Please, come. I can`t help missing you. Come." (The Last Deal, W. Myśliwski)
2014-08-29 @ 07:05:26
I am feeling so baaad. It was such a hard night ...
Back, back, back.
2014-08-27 @ 19:02:33
Back in Cracow!! :)

Love this city so much!
Smiling again.
2014-08-25 @ 20:26:14
Language... has created the word 'loneliness' to express the pain of being alone. And it has created the word 'solitude' to express the glory of being alone.

I am happier alone :)
Who you are?
2014-08-24 @ 16:20:35
He`s such a prick!

I don`t know with who I was during last 2 years.

Somebody who is addicted to gay world, who acts like a child, whose bestest place to spend time is fellow and other gay websites, who can`t be on his own, who has to find sb to meet before coming to Cracow, who is egoistic, selfish, who gets down after eating before you finish, who is insincere and devious, who can`t be with anyone longer than 2 years, who doesn`t have a mind of his own, who doesn`t keep his word, who promised to wonder and asked for time and then logged in fellow.

Was I blinded? A lot of people warned me, also his friends. I should have listened to them.

I have a dream to be a good person. I don`t have to meet anybody. I am not even writing with anyone.

I sympathise with him. If you can`t be happy alone, you won`t be happy with anyone.
2014-08-24 @ 00:23:19
It`s hurting so much.
2014-08-23 @ 10:32:19
Another stroke deeply in my heart.

The revenge will be sweet.
2014-08-22 @ 20:15:24
Fucking buster.

Yeah, you are deadminded.

Asshole is impatient. Awwww... Incredible.

High time to come back to Cracow = high time to meet another "friend"??

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