2014-11-30 @ 23:25:46
Tonight everything will end.
I am a tiny penny rolling up the walls inside.
2014-11-26 @ 23:26:07
I always complicate everything...

I will be waiting. We are destined to each other.

When I met you first time and then I got a message: "It`s such a pity it was so short" I felt like I was flying.

I wasn`t strong enough to quit the toxic relationship.

Life is a vicious circle. Now I regret but... I know that someday I`m gonna be with you.

Luc, Luc, Luc...

Now you have somebody, Luc. I wish you all the best. But some day I`m gonna be with you.

You are the wonderful exception in this rotten world. You are totally different.

As for now, I don`t wanna be with anyone. I am not ready for love. I don`t want to love. I don`t want to be rejected, left once again.


I wonder why D. doesn`t want to contact me. It was 4 months ago! I liked his presence but simply he was not for me. He has a good heart. I envy the one who`s gonna be with him. I wish him to find sb protective and caring. I made a lot of mistakes and it was all because of me.

Now I am changed and free. I learned how to listen to people and appreciate their opinion - even if it`s not the same as mine.

Good night :)
Let the groove get in!
2014-11-22 @ 22:12:45
I`ve just watched The Voice of Poland. Edyta Gorniak once again proved that she is the best Polish Artist. Her voice mashes up everything.

I would like to mention that you can hear my song DONAT - Contemplating silence on the Radio 17 - Po Krakowsku Channel. Let the groove get in!

What else?

I suffer from the lack of time. Tomorrow I`m going to the monastery... to breathe... to prime my body with energy.

Good night :)
Step by step.
2014-11-17 @ 22:25:27
Small success.

My song Contemplating silence was posted on Facebook by the website: Na Czasie.

I am so proud of myself! I know that this is my the best song.

Stay tuned. Probably nex week I will record something new and as always sth weird!

When I woke up, you disappeared. With you my happiness too.
2014-11-15 @ 15:03:18
I had a dream that we met.

You embraced me and said to me:

"Everything will be ok. I`m gonna be with you".

I shouldn`t have written that. But the dream was so emotional. I have never felt sth like that in a dream. It was wonderful. I felt pure happiness.


And what abt Maria`s concert?

One word. She is the Artist. Not artist. Just Artist.
Let`s avoid disappointment.
2014-11-11 @ 12:11:48
The best way to avoid disappointment is to not expect anything from anyone. ;-)
Here is the truth.
2014-11-08 @ 17:04:16
The real art is to give someone freedom, give someone the time. Then he won`t leave you anymore.

You can`t force somebody to love. No!

It brings only the pain, sadness and disappointment.

This is the truth we forget so often.

The longing is something normal. I also miss somebody so much sometimes. Everyone has someone to miss. And everyone lost someone.

2014-11-04 @ 18:33:18
My head is burning. Tomorrow I`m having a short exam, the hard one. My head is full of medicines, Jesus.

Ergh, I am waiting for tomorrow. It`s highest time to get drunk drinking so fucking amazing IGRISTOJE (my birthday will be just an excuse to do that, hell yeah).

This funny situation and process of getting drunk will be held on The Railway Bridge over Vistula river which is one of my bestest places in Cracow.

But... how will I come back home? xD

No worries.

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