The great expectation.
2013-03-11 @ 19:36:15
The nightmare is over. I know that it will be a period of time full of fear, dubiety, concern. You ask me if I am afraid. I am. I am frightened. I know what I feel and I am sure about my feelings. But I can`t force anyone to feel what I feel at the same time. This what remains me is only waiting and having hope that it won`t reprise again and everything will be OK. Let no one who loves be called unhappy. Even love unreturned has its rainbow :)

This song gives me hope. Nobody`s perfect. We should love despite everything. An ideal state doesn`t exist. Do not close yourself in the stereotype =)

I see no sense in my life now.
2013-03-06 @ 15:03:53
I am dying inside. I want you to come, I want to hear your voice, I want to be with you, always. Only you can bring me back to life.
I`ll be waiting.
2013-03-06 @ 12:47:30
I`ll be waiting because you waited for me.

2013-03-02 @ 18:03:11
"Watching pornography (which is only bogus love with no true love) is repulsiveness that devastates the human sexuality and relationships. It is the effect of an egoistic attitude of a person who can`t fight the desire and think only about satisfying. (...) It is the lack of freedom." Harvard University, Department of Psychology

The second disappointment.
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