The incredible human nature.
2013-01-26 @ 13:01:04
The human organism is an incredible jigsaw. Everything is designed perfectly. Are masturbation and watching porn films necessary while being in the relationship? And is masturbation necessary in general? No. Why? Due to our body mechanisms. Every doctor (medical practitioner) will tell you that masturbation isn`t needed. Men do it definitely often. But they do not have to, cause our organism has a specific mechanism called: nocturnal emission (wet dream). It isn`t true what Bravo and Popcorn publish that the masturbation is a recognition of myself. No, because the length of sex depends on the level of sexual arousal. So it is the first reason - such behaviour is completely unnecessary.
The next reason - self-abuse and watching porno contribute to the breakups of a lot of relationships. Especially, homosexual relationships. If you are in a relationship and you can`t even stand 3 days without doing it, that isn`t good. Why are gay relationships so brief, so of short duration? That`s the point. Both sides agree and they do it. They have no requirements towards themselves. So when you can`t bear with it 3 days and wait for your partner, you won`t bear with it if your partner is abroud for 6 months or longer. No matter. You will simply betray her/him sooner or later cause she/he will be boring for you. And the relation relies on surprising somebody every day.
Human-being isn`t an animal. We have free will and we can control the sexual instinct, the desire. The realationship without any requirements and commitments doesn`t exist. Sex in the relation is important. But if you are able to satisfy a need by yourself, I am simply needless. I didn`t want to make of you an active part. You wanted to do it. And now you are escaping to watch these films. It isn`t ok. Something is wrong. So my opinion is: if you want to do it, do it, but without me.
Tattoo your name across my heart.
2013-01-25 @ 22:28:16
I am melting away ... Beautiful song ("Sweet dreams").

The relationship involves commitment.
2013-01-25 @ 13:12:05
I thought that the feeling, which is between us (no matter what kind of feeling it is) is stronger than the concupiscence, stronger than the desire. Now I know, I was wrong.

Simply, I want to have everything or nothing. I can`t live divided fifty-fifty.

It`s time to reconsider everything, most of all - the feelings and the expectations.

Who you are.
2013-01-18 @ 18:06:27
There are many songs which are going to save a lot of people. Not just from like about day, about life, when you need to be picked up by a three minutes song, when you turn it on to get in, when you feel like shit and you get home and cry and punch the wall. And when the song ends, you turn it off and you know you can do this, you can step outside. Then you don`t care what people think as real ARTISTS don`t care how many dislikes are gone on youtube and don`t care how many people compare them to every singer 'cause they all sing QUITE and they know they are unusual. Nobody`s perfect.

I think this is one of such songs. Always be yourself and don`t try to pretend somobody else. Don`t lose who you are!

I admire people who should have problems but they haven`t. In face of them, I realise that sometimes the problems I have, are really small.

Nick Vujicic says: One of the principle rule in our life is to be thankful for what we have.

I love this film, always when I am sad, I watch it and it brings me lots of happiness :)

Oh, and I fell in love with this song:

My heart beats only for you.
The great langour.
2013-01-14 @ 20:10:46
Three months ago I was sure that I can`t fall in love with anybody and I will never love anyone. Today, when I think about the past and about my life before meeting David, I realise that I was really lonely. Now, I can`t imagine my life without him. And when I go out of his flat or he leaves my flat, I feel the great langour. I miss him sooooooooo muuuuuuuuuch. And I can`t wait for tomorrow to begin :D
We r lookin` at U!
I worship black and white photos <3

Hm. And what abt my studies? The session is well underway. And I want to finish it as fast as possible :)

Take care!
Being gay isn`t easy and ... ethical vision of homosexuality
2013-01-07 @ 20:58:57
In spite of the fact that my New Year`s Eve dream didn`t come true, I am incessantly happy.
I was considering if I should create a new blog to write everything I want to. But this one is a part of me, it is my small history. I treat this page as sort of my diary so I see no reason to delete my memories. Sometimes I like reminiscing.
And now, what about the title? Yes, I am a gay. I think and hope that sb undesirable (any adverse person) won`t read it. I am not afraid of ppl`s opinion. You can`t choose if you are a gay or not. It is somewhere inside. These ones who know me well often ask me: "how can you be a believer and then also a gay? that`s so hypocritical going to church and being a gay. The Bible says that homosexuality is repulsiveness, abomination". It is more complicated. I feel sympathy for ppl who understand The Bible literally. The historical framework is the most important! If you would like to know why I am the believer and the gay simultaneously, at the same time; you should watch these two short but profound films:

Especially, I recommend you to listen to what the black cardinal - Nobel Peace Prize laureate - says.

And what about my feelings? I miss my boyfriend so much although we are seeing each other tomorrow :) I would like to share some photos on this page but I wonder if he would have something against it ('cause he doesn`t know abt my blog). Hmm... Tough! At the most I will excuse him pleasantly :-)
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