A thunderstorm is coming...
2012-07-06 @ 18:12:37
But it`s not only about the weather although here`s also coming a huge thunderstorm. But I love watching lightenings from my room`s windows. The nature is beautiful, isn`t it?

Having said that, I mean also the thunderstorm in my life. In October everything will change and I don`t know if I can deal with it and manage to get accustomed to new place and situation. I am a bit afraid but on the other hand very curious about studies etc..

I fell in love with ... a song :D I recommend you 'Skinny love' by Birdy. It`s amazing. She is amazing too. I like listening to it and singing it.

What about my feelings? Once, I said that I don`t want to find somebody only for not being alone. That`s silly. There are a lot of pairs who are together only for not to be lonely. I don`t believe that relationship with a huge distance can survive. So, I can wait. That`s all.

Have a nice evening,

See you soon ;)
Don`t let things oppress you!
2012-07-04 @ 21:02:36
Have I ever mentioned about the art of simplicity? I forgot about it. And now I need it.

The main rule of this art is: less in fact means more. The more you have, the more oppressed you feel. I noticed it on myself.

A few years ago, when I haven`t got a computer and a mobile phone and mp3 et cetera, I was happier. Furthermore, I was free. In my view, you can see it everywhere. When I was young, for my communion I got a bicycle. Now children get laptop! It`s silly. A girl/boy in the second class can`t even read and write properly.

I think, the effect can be disastrous. People have everything but they are sad. In Scandinavia, where people are one of the richest in the whole world, the suicide point is the highest. Why? They are unhappy. They have everything, having nothing.

Feelings make us happier, not things.
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