All I want for Christmas is ...
2012-12-25 @ 13:21:38
You. I fell in love with him. He makes me feel happy.

We met 17th October and this day brought to me the happiness, the happiness in his figure.

I remember this time when I was full of dubiety. I told him that I needed much time to convince myself that he is this one I was looking for. And now I am convinced. I love him.

And I know that he also needs time to forget about the past, about somebody who hurt him. Maybe it isn`t over. There is always sort of affection between two people who were together. And I will be waiting for the moment he will be ready to love me with all his heart. The honesty is all I anticipate. And that`s why I didn`t want him to meet with D. and contact with him. It is simply rubbing salt into the wound.

I stronlgy believe him. I won`t hurt him but on the other hand - I don`t want to be hurt.

I know I have to wait for his sincere "I love you". And I will be waiting and waiting. Cause I know I want to spend with him all my life even if it sounds well-worn.

I know that maybe he hasn`t made up his mind up yet. But I will never do him wrong. I`ve known it from the moment that we met. There is no doubt in my mind where he belongs.

And there is nothing that I wouldn`t do to make him feel my love :)

He is the best present I have ever received for Christmas.

Christmassy ... sadness?
2012-12-20 @ 19:18:53
Here again. Always, when I realise something, I have to share my point of view. But my opinion doesn`t have to be right and you don`t have to agree with me.
So. When travelling by tramcar in Cracow, I came to connclusion that people are: sad, boring, miserable, lacklustre. It is really hard to notice anyone with this specific twinkle in eye.
And no matter that Christmas is coming. They are simply sad. It would be silly, not to ask: why?
There is no reason in believing or not. Quite the opposite. It will be enough if you look at the same faces in the church. They don`t even understand what they are talking and what they are singing. I can`t understand, how are ppl able to sing a happy and lively song without any involvement. They have the same masks - always sad.
Maybe each of them (each of us?) has his own reason of being downcast. What is important in our lives and what simply makes us happier? Does today`s world give us enough number of causes to be exhilareted?
IMHO this world whirls too fast. We live from day to day. It`s hard to slow down but it is worth doing it. Especially now, when Christmas is near :)

Take care,

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