Everything changed.
2012-11-02 @ 10:07:15
Living in Cracow is great. I didn`t even expect that I will be glad of being here. Veterinary medicine is also fascinating. I met a lot of new people.
One month ago I was stressed and sad. I didn`t want to leave my family, my dog, my place, my forests. But now I know that it is important to have enough courage and not to be afraid of changes. I tried. And I don`t regret.
I found a flat just one week before starting studies. I live with three boys and they are really good. I like them. We understand each other.
What`s more... I found somebody. Someone who is very important for me. I can`t say that this is love. No, this is a specific kind of relationship. I needed such a person. That`a more complicated and I can`t encapsulate it now, if I am spelling it right :) I will write more about it next time cause I have to go now :)


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