Life is unmeaning without music.
2011-12-20 @ 17:58:58
I have a winning streak (dobra passa) for writing on my blog page now, so I have to use it quickly before my zeal (zapał) leave me.
So today about music :) Maybe again but ... does it really matter? I love music, I love singing. There is no life for me without it.
I listen to every kind of music (perhaps excepting techno-music... but I am not sure if I can call it "music").
Few days ago I fell in love with this song:
And I am crazy about it :)
Now I`m preparing to The Charity Concert in the adjacent (sąsiedni) school. I will be singing (probably) this song:
that`s all :) Keep your fingers crossed ;)
2011-12-19 @ 16:58:53
I haven`t written for so long. There are so many things to describe. One year ! Isn`t it a long period of time? There were a lot of changes in my life since my last blog post.
Firstly, I want to thank everybody who commented my performance on TV. Truly, I haven`t even dreamt about it. I made my own recording on and then "Chance for Success" producer called me. I was really astonished. But I agreed. Three weeks later I sang the song K.O. from Monika Brodka`s repertoire (link below). I think that if somebody wants to achieve something, it isn`t impossible. Just be determined in following your aims. That`s all. It`s the art of simplicity. Less in fact means more.
On Saturday I was in Katowice with my friend Ana. I had a meeting with Brytanka`s office because I am interested in study at Aberystwyth Universiwty in Wales. But I don`t want to write more in order not to boast and parade until "hop".
Take care :)
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