Don`t complain.
2010-08-31 @ 19:28:49
I always strive (staram się) to don`t complain about the future.Especially when the future is determined and when there are no chances to change it.Do you cotton on?
Ok. I`ll try to explain it better.For example NOW-TODAY.Tomorrow,as everybody knows,we have to go to school.And we can`t change it ! So complaining is the worst way to start this school year.Try to think positive.We can`t fight with something what is determined.It`s our fate and we can`t destroy it.
After 10 months it will be next holiday.You will have another plans.For example : I want to go to Tatra mountains to take part in voluntary work because I love Geography ;)
You should also remember that next holiday starts 17th June 2011 :-)
Be happy ! Childhood (maybe it`s not a good word for a bit older young people as me) is the best time in our life :-)
Please,stop this silly time !
2010-08-28 @ 13:07:13
Unfortunately,these are the last days of the holiday.I can`t believe that time`s so quickly going.I can say : IN ICTU OCULI.It means IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE.I always regret that I didn`t do what I was supposed to do.I had a lot of plans which came to nothing.I cheer myself that after 10 months it will be a new holiday and a lot of time to do sth useful.
Maybe I exaggerate a little bit.I was in Pomerania,I was fishing (a few days ago I was in Goczałkowice-it`s the dam (zbiornik) 'hand made by people' in 1956),I was running,reading ... et cetera.
On the other hand, I didn`t do many things which I planned.I wanted to go to Olsztyn (there was 'the geological picnic'this year) but I forgot (!).
Beneath,there is one of my the best pitures with the well-known sentence : in ictu oculi.
Talking to a stone.
2010-08-26 @ 20:46:31
I really like it.It gives me food for thought.


wislawa szymborska
translated by m. cygalski

talking to a stone

i knock at the stone's door.
—it's me, open up.
i'd like to come in,
have a look around
take you in like a breath.

—go away—says the stone -
i'm closed.
even broken to pieces,
we shall remain closed.
even when crushed to sand,
we shall let no one in.

i knock at the stone's door.
—it's me, open up.
i come out of curiosity.
life is its only opportunity.
i'd only stroll through your palace
and later visit a leaf and a waterdrop.
but i've got little time for this.
my mortality should touch you.

—i'm stone—says stone -
out of necessity i maintain my gravity.
so go away.
i've no muscles for smiles or laughter.

i knock at the stone's door
—it's me, open up.
i heard there are great empty halls within,
unseen, beautiful to no avail,
mute, without echoes of anyone's steps.
admit that you yourself know little of this.

—great and empty halls—says the stone -
yet without vacancy.
beautiful, perhaps, yet beyond your feeble sense of taste.
you can know about me yet cannot ever know me.

my whole surface turns to you,
yet my whole interior's turned away.
i knock at the stone's door.
—it's me, open up.
i'm not looking for eternal home.
i'm not unhappy nor homeless.
my world is worth returning to.
i'd come in and leave emptyhanded
and to prove that i was truly present,
i'd represent nothing but words
to which no one'd give faith.

—you can't come in—says stone. -
you've got no sense of partaking.
no mind shall substitute that sense.
had your sight been sharpened till allseeing
it would be of no help without the sense of partaking.
you can't come in, all you have is a mere inkling
of that sense, its bud, an imagination.

i knock at the stone's door.
—it's me. open up.
i can't wait two thousand centuries
to get under your roof.
—if you don't believe me—says the stone -
talk to a leaf, it'll say what i say.
talk to a waterdrop, it'll say the same thing.
finally ask a hair from your own head.
i burst with laughter
overwhelming laughter
though i cannot laugh.

i knock at the stone's door
—it's me, open up.

—i've no door—says the stone.
Again with you ;)
2010-08-21 @ 10:54:29
I came back from my holiday.I visited my family which live in Szczecinek.It`s really interesting and beautiful place.They live next to the big Trzesiecko Lake.The weather didn`t coddle us (nie rozpieszczała nas) but the water in the lake was agreeable and warm so we could swim.Furthermore,there is only one water skis cablelift in Poland.I have to say it isn`t so easy and you must be strong and patient but the fun was great :) I`m still reading Harry Potter in English,I`m doing it slowly because I want to remember as many words as it`s possible.
Unfortunately,'After life' series is over.It finished sadly owing (z powodu) the death of a main protagonist (bohatera)-maybe one of main protagonists.
What else...hmmm... I got a job.I`m writing papers for the company which makes websites.It`s not a well-paid job (but I like it)so I applied for a job in marketing for young people and now I`m waiting for a phone call.
I hope,I will write soon.For the time being,bye :)
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