Just one day !
2010-07-30 @ 20:06:36
Yeah,just one day and I`m going to Szczecinek,on Pomerania (Pomorze).There live a lot of members of my family.There and nearby-in Człuchów.I`m very happy.I want to forget about everyday affairs which was making me crazy...I`m going to 2 class...but I don`t know what I will be doing in the future.I think and consider many directions.I was thinking about Geology,Geodesy,Chemist Technology but now...I really don`t know.I change my mind every month.On the other hand I feel that I want to work in the future beside a desk,for example in the bank or in an office.There is no doubt that I will be studying English Philology because it`s my passion.In addition to that I want to study in Cracow but I think I won`t get on UJ (92.29-these points have the last person on the list !).I counted that I must have at least (!) 90% on English Matura (extension) and 95% on Polish Matura (extension).It`s really hard to achieve considering my leakages (ubytki) in this languages.What is more,I`m not rich and I haven`t enough money to buy tutorial (korepetycje).I learn only by myself...
I also know that studying only English Philology for the time being is useless.So,I would like to get an additional direction.Now I think about finance and accountancy (finanse i rachunkowość) in UE in Cracow.It`s only 15 minutes to UJ.But it`s just my dream.Financier who knows English and can speak this language fluently is probably a real treasure (skarb).
But (yeah,again) there is another problem : I haven`t Maths in extension in High School.I want to take a special course by the net.It`s complimentary (darmowy).If you want you can read about it (but it`s only for students from Silesia,Lesser Poland (Małopolska) and Podkarpacie.This project is financed by United Europe.So maybe it will be helpful.At the end ,students who passed the course will get a special certificate.Beneath there is the link:

Hermin Course
A bit drearily ...
2010-07-23 @ 20:23:33
I`d like to RUN !! I can`t bear it.I can walk when I want but I can`t run.And it makes me crazy.If I make hasty (gwałtowny) move ,I feel the pain in my toe.But tomorrow (in the morning) I will be running.And it doesn`t matter that it`s painful.
Today (in the evening) I want to watch some films,for example : 'W paszczy krokodyla'.It can be interesting.Yesterday, I watched 'Life after life'.I have to say that I haven`t seen such a good horror.I recommend you this serial.It is about the woman who is the medium and she is able to talk with ghosts.
After a long reflecting I decided what I want to pass on my Matura Exam.So for the time being I will choose Economy and English Philology.I resigned from (from?) Biology(on the Matura) because I don`t want to work in a laboratory.If you want to check how much money people earn as a representative (przedstawiciel) of a profession,visit : Salaries.

A small effort to change the world ...
2010-07-20 @ 19:43:17
I am really astonished.My brother is reading a book.Exactly 'Angels and demons'.I can`t believe because he hasn`t read anything since he was a child (he liked 'Co i jak' series when he was 12/13).Now he is 19.But I remember that he also read 'Mr Ibrahim and The Koran Flowers'.It`s a short book but really interesting.I disposed (nakłoniłem) him to read it because the book starts :'When I was 8, I broke my piggy-bank and went to brothel (burdel).' But now ? It`s incredible but I`m really happy because of it.
I haven`t written because after very dangerous thunderstorm the internet broke in almost entire countryside.Furthermore,my network card burned.In addition to that,the emitter (nadajnik) which is on my house also broke ! And only (dopiero) today computer scientists came to repair it.
On Saturday I was by the river Olza.Water was great.What is more I met there the woman who was a bit squiffy (podpita).She was maybe ... 40.And she came there to find not much (nieco) shade (cienia) and read a book ... probably 'Before Daybreak' Mayer S. (I don`t know whether I wrote it properly :) ).We was talking about books,religions,educations and hobbies.It was nice to talk with the stranger :D
And beneath there is the photo with one of my best mineral-malachite ;)
Cheers. :)
The dog weather : )
2010-07-17 @ 09:56:10
Yes,it`s the dog weather ( I heard it on TV,probably 'Pytanie na śniadanie'-everyday there are English lessons with English expert ).I am glad and happy.I like when it`s heat outside.I can go by river (today I`m also going there).
Yesterday (hmm...and today)I was sleeping in a tent (again!).I love it.Although,I am a bit restless.But it doesn`t matter :) The most important is a festivity (zabawa).
Yesterday I was in a library.I met my friends.They were also in the library.I checked 4 books out : Dean Koontz 'Odd hours' , Harlan Coben 'Promise me' , Dan Brown 'Angels and demons' and the book about minerals ('cause I want to start collecting minerals).My favourite mineral is amethyst (in the picture).
Take care !

Never give up ! : )
2010-07-15 @ 21:15:20
I was watching 'Uptown girls'.I have to say that it`s a good comedy position if you like watching films like this.Me and my 2 friends wanted to watch a horror but we couldn`t switch on neither.
Before,I had been reading a book.Exactly 'When God turned His sight'.It`s interesting but not the best.
I was also by the river Olza today.People are silly (at leat certain-niektórzy).They cast rubbish away.I got narked (wkurzyłem się) and with my friends we made a big campfire (ognisko) and we burned it everything ! Maybe it`s also unhealthy but at least now we can`t see it and sit nearby.Perhaps I am a bit sensitive (przeczulony) but I can`t understand this behaviour.Then,about 10 persons came there too.But I didn`t know them,they were probably from Jastrzębie.In addition to that I catch a snake but I released it (when I was younger I cultivated (hodowałem) them.It was nice :)
Ok :-) By the way ... How to add links under 'NAVIGATION' ? Help me :D
An unpleasant accident ...
2010-07-13 @ 11:53:06
I am really steamed-up (wkurzony).The weather is great.But the thing is that I can`t be happy because oh the weather.Everybody is going by a river...and me too.But I can`t swim.Yesterday I cut my leg (exactly my toe).Maybe my wound isn`t so extensive (rozległa) but it`s deep and I can`t move my toe (!!!).I apprehend (obawiam się) that a stone at the bottom of waterfall cut my sinew (ścięgno,czyt.:sinju !).This is bad enough but the wound is still bleeding.I hope that it will heal up (zagoi się) quickly.
Take care.
2010-07-11 @ 09:26:17
I`m feeling bleary (niewyspany).Me and my friends (or meybe fiends-it would be better to use this moniker-in any case,fiends mean monsters and a moniker means a nickname) were sleeping in a tent.I have to say that sleeping in the tend this night was very exciting.We were sleeping...hmmm...perhaps...2 hours.Beforehand,we had pitched two tents.First assumption (założenie) was that me and my 2 mates will be sleeping in one tent and my sister Kate with other 2 girls will be sleeping in another one next to our tent-place.Nevertheless,in the first there were sleeping 5 persons and in the second-2.You will ask : 7 ppl ? Yeah because we have a surprise guest (niespodziewany gość).
The result is that I am very tired...In a moment I`m going by the river ( !!!-yeah-!!!).
All right,I don`t want to bore the pants off you (zanudzić was na śmierć).
Take care.Bye. :))
That`s true.
2010-07-06 @ 18:30:36
I like this picture (so I want to share it with you) and I think that`s true.I guess,I couldn`t cope with myself.I hope,in the whole world there aren`t identical people :-)
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