1.Racism. // 2.Sects.
2010-06-30 @ 19:34:28
I`m preparing to my Matura Exam (just 2 years ! :D) so I want to write something about social aspects.Firstly :
1.Racism-as everybody knows this affair (sprawa) is widespread (szeroko rozpowszechniona).I can`t understand this behaviour ! Why somebody is worse (gorszy) only because of skin colour,supporting (kibicowanie) distinct (odmiennej) football team,way of thinking or religion.It`s sick ! That is bad enough but we should remember that it is known not only in Europe but all over the world.A few months ago,I was writing with Muhammad from Saudi Arabia.He told me that he respects all religions except Judaism and Jews.He argued that Jews are murderers and they kill people.He claimed (and that is true),they pray to figures or sculptures (rzeźby).I told him that his way of thinking isn`t right.In every country there are exceptions (wyjątki) but we can`t insult (znieważać) all nation.I also can`t believe that skin colour condemns (skazuje) humans !
2)Sects-there is no doubt that sects are everywhere.They are really dangerous.First of all,people from sects promise others better and easier life because of meditation,praying,beggings (błagania) and ... working-almost always it`s slavish (niewolnicza) work.One time,I was reading the reporting (reportaż) about the girl who fell into a trap (wpadła w pułapkę).Sect Sahaja Yoga beguiled (omamiła) her and then drove (drive-zmusić) her to leave Poland and go to a camp in Italy.When she understood her mistake,the sect drove her to commit suicide (popełnić samobójstwo)...
Beneath there is a photo with Shri Mataji -'saint Mother'.The photo which the sect Sahaja Yoga has to pray for ! It`s not normal.So,we should be careful even now,in the 21st century.
What are your nationality`s characteristics?What events and situations have helped to form them?
2010-06-28 @ 15:07:24
Maybe this topic isn`t really interesting but I have to improve my speaking so I every day talk to myself using topics from my Students Book ( so-called:time to talk).Then I`m writing it on my blog.
There is no doubt that Poles are hospitable.When newcomers/foreigners arrive to Poland they always say that Poles saluted (powitali) them with dose of affection (z dozą sympatii).They are pleased (zadowoleni) and even nice surprised.
It is said that Poles are serious and they don`t want to talk with others,particularly (szczególnie) with strangers (z obcymi).Many people claim that we are alienated (odosobnieni).These ideas (poglądy) are deceptive (mylne).It is obvious that we have a sense of humour.People in Poland like laughing and smiling.Furthermore,we love (perhaps not everybody) telling jokes about blondes,silly Johnny and unfortunately about disabled people (niepełnosprawnych)-in my opinion this sort of jokes are politicaly incorrect but the rest is okey.
What events?I think that essential(istotnym) event was World War II which made us a bit secluded (odosobniony).

Today I am a bit rushed (zabiegany).I was in a bank,in the city-Wodzislaw-,in a shop,by the river Olza...I`m going to train bodybuilding in 1 hour.
Ok.I have to go ;) Bye :))
---->Beneath it`s a photo with Olza river :P
Radio-is it necessary now?What for?For who?
2010-06-27 @ 09:42:01
Polskie Radio was founded on August 18, 1925. Regular broadcasting was started on 18 April 1926 in Warsaw.However,Guglielmo Marconi is the first radio inventor and the laureate of Nobel Prize.Today radio is considerably (znacznie) different and has many pros and cons.
First of all,radio is important because of music.There is no doubt that radio helps us relax,even make us happy.There are news hourly (co godzina)or half-hourly (co pół godziny).So,you are online (na bieżąco) if you want.When you are bored or resign(zrezygnowany),you can switch on radio.What is more,there are many broadcasts (audycje)on (na temat) animals,food,sport,everyday living,famous people and all you want.Radio is for everybody: young and elderly people.In the past radio was used to forward people news (about a war etc.).
The most worrying are adverts.It is obvious that adverts are completely useless (bezużyteczne) for me and they make me crazy.
To summarise,there more advantages than disadvantages.The best is that you can switch on radio all the time,around the clock (24h na dobę).

Beneath,there is a photo with Guglielmo Marconi and his radio.
http://www.iv3yxw.altervista.org/marconi.jpgI added also the link to BBC Radio (in English).I recommend you Radio 4.It`s a pity (pech) because I haven`t got speakers(głośników) so I have to download broadcasts on CD ('cause I have only CD player).
And podcasts(nagrania audycji) :

Does everyone in the world should speak the same language?
2010-06-25 @ 19:41:12
Language is a part of culture.The same language in the world can be a great solution but on the other hand there are many disadvantages.
First of all,many people claim that life will be better and easier.We will not have problems on the holiday when we travel a lot.Moreover,we will better meet other cultures using one language.It is obvious for students that they will not learn to much because they will not have lessons on foreign language.It is maintained that we will have no problems with communicating,working and also with trade (handel).What is more,will be no need to translate films and books and it is more accessible (dostępne).
On the other hand,it is nice to learn foreign language because we can find out how people think.So,language is a way of thinking.It is undoubtedly true that the world will be boring:culture will be less varied (mniej zróżnicowane).That is bad enough (To jest już dość złe) but you will also loose the opportunity to develop (możliwość rozwoju).Furthermore,there is no variation (zróżnicowania) so no one is original...
To sum up,using one language has many pros (plusów) but also cons (minusów).It is said that living in the world would be better.Nevertheless (Jednakże),it is impossible to make real.So,we should treat (traktować) this affair (sprawę) with a blink of an eye (z przymróżeniem oka).

At last !!! Holiday started ! :D

And what do you think abt my today topic?Do you think that it`s a good idea ?

TV-blessing or curse (błogosławieństwo czy przekleństwo)?
2010-06-24 @ 12:31:04
Today more and more people spend many hours watching TV.There is no doubt that TV is so-called 'time-eater'.Nevertheless,watching TV has many advantages but unfortunately also disadvantages.
It is obvious that we can use TV properly(odpowiednio).Moreover,using TV we can meet other cultures and learn more about the world.It is undoubtedly true that children can also learn languages because there are a lot of programs (recently-ostatnio-the most popular was 'Lippy and Messy').So,using TV we can explore the world.
On the other hand,TV offers many bad programs which are only for adults.Children can not watch these programs but it is said that 'banned fruit tastes great'.So,parents have to look after their children carefully and they must be very cautious (ostrożni).What is more,watching TV for a long time destroys our eyes.It is maintained that in the 21st century too many people must wear glasses.
In conclusion,TV is very popular but it has a lot of disadvantages.It is argued that one hour watching TV is not so unhealthy.So,we can choose and everybody knows that health is the most important thing in our life.

Next essay :) It's my English lesson now.Best regards.
Advantages and disadvantages of living in United Europe.
2010-06-22 @ 17:00:56
Living in United Europe has a lot of advantages but also many disadvantages.United Europe is the union which associate countries from this continent.It was built after World War II.It is said that United Europe is very important organisation but...Is it true ?
It is undoubtedly true that a common currency(wspólna waluta) is the best solution(rozwiązanie).People do not have to go to counting-house(kantor) to exchange money.Furthermore,it is maintained that exchange-offices will not be necessary in the future.In addition,there is no border in United Europe.It is obvious that we can cross the border with no difficulties.
On the other hand,not every country must be in United Europe.Switzerland is not in UE for instance(na przykład).There is no doubt that Switzerland is one of the wealthiest country in Europe.However,it divides(dzieli) Europe.It is argued that because of free borders in Europe will be more and more foreigners and it can cause (spowodować) a high density of population.
In conclusion,United Europe has many pros and cons(wad i zalet).People think differently.Everyone has own point of view and everyone may refer to (odnosić się do)living in United Europe otherwise(inaczej).
It`s my next essay.Thanks for reading.I have a few on tap (w zanadrzu).
Take care,
Fame results in a loss of freedom.True or false?
2010-06-21 @ 16:00:14
Being famous is the same as being important or well known.It also means being talked about by many people because of what you have achieved.Some people think that without fame we cannot succeed in life.First of all,others argue that with it,we destroy our lives.
There is no doubt that people who are famous earn a lot of money.Simply,they are rich.Furthermore,they appear on front-pages.It is believed that it gives them power and independence(niezależność).In addition,they have dinamic and interesting life.They may travel a lot and afford(pozwolić sobie na coś) something more than common(zwykli) people.It is obvious that life is easier and also money can buy protection.Finally,they don`t have to worry about the future and their pension (emerytura).
On the other hand,it is undoubtedly true that everybody gossips you behind your back.The first and most worrying effect is that your character may change.Moreover,you have no privacy and you are followed by hordes os paparazzi.It is also maintained (utrzymywane) that you buy friends (no real friends !).Last of all,you can lose control.
In conclusion,it can be argued that fame might be magnificent quality (wspaniałą wartością) if it is used properly.Nevertheless (Jednakże) if it is used unwisely (niemądrze),fame may destroy and ruin not only our lives but lives of others innocent members(niewinnych członków) of society who are around us.
It is one of my essay.I think that it can be helpful for others.
Beneath,there are photos of people who achieved success and extracted (skorzystali) from it and people with soda water (z wodą sodową) in their head because of fame.
http://www.celoxdesign.net/images/tutorials/seethruimageborder/Evangeline_lilly_picture.jpghttp://g.gazetaprawna.pl/p/_wspolne/pliki/53000/kate_winslet_12712a_53556.jpghttp://www.solarnavigator.net/music/music_images/katie_melua.jpghttp://lh4.ggpht.com/fisherwy/R0RyOOQj_PI/AAAAAAAALZg/wpNS2QiHnGg/Amy+Winehouse+With+The+Suspicious+White+Powder+In+Her+Nostril%5B3%5D.jpghttp://searchingforstyle.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/Trends.LadyGaga.jpgDo you know who are they? :D I`m sure that you know them :)
About everything and nothing.
2010-06-20 @ 10:28:48
Hello :)
--->I`m 16 . :]
Milaa you are right,uchatka (so-called sea lion) exists in fact.If somebody can`t believe,beneath(poniżej) is a photo with this mammal.
http://www.dziennik.pl/files/archive/00245/APTOPIX_Hungary_Zoo_245684a.jpgYou can see that Leon (this is his name) from Hungary is having a nap (drzemka).
And now from another barrel (z innej beczki).Today,it`s a president elections.I don`t know who is supposed to win.It`s a pity that I can`t throw my vote to 'urn' (urna).On the other hand,we had the school elections.When I got a paper with surnames ,I hestitated (zawahałem się).I didn`t know : Kaczyński or Napieralski.Eventually (w końcu) I made a decision but I can`t let the cat out of the bag (zdradzić tajemnicę-idiom) :)
Already I `ve called my Biology lesson to mind (przypomniałem sobie o...).We were talking about anatomy of mammals.Maybe it will be revolting (odrażające) for you but it`s the exemplary (przykładowy) picture which we had to describe :
http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/7/78/Anatomia_myszy.JPGDo you think that it is okey to use animals for these aims (dla tych celów)?
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