New Year? New plans...
2010-12-31 @ 10:45:21
...but unfortunately new problems.It`s really hard to be good at everything.Especially now when I don`t know what to choose.I don`t like history very much (it`s because of my teacher,history as a subject is interesting) but I think about Law and English.OK. I don`t want to make you bored.My humour is better but my situation is terrible still.'Happy New Year' is a bit overrated(przereklamowany) but you can obviously deny (=contradict-zaprzeczyć).On the other hand it would be so nice that everything would go well.It`s impossible ,I know.But dreaming is very important.By the way,I recommend you a special book :"The secret" written by Rhonda Byrne.
So....Happy New Year?I`ll be keeping my fingers crossed for your resolutions ! :)
Life isn`t easy.
2010-12-29 @ 20:16:27
Everything is going wrong.I have to make decision...Stay and continue my English passion and try to learn Spanish more (then try to start linguistic at University of Warsaw) or give it up and learn chemistry more (then try to start medicine at Medical University of Silesia).As for me,my dream is to translate papers and travel the world.But my present situation makes me feel bad.Unfortunately,it came again...I can`t write what`s going on and...I don`t want to describe it.I`d like to escape.Start my life again and simply live my life with no stress,with no care about my family.I feel lonely and it`s okey but I don`t want to know anybody now.I`d like to stop,to go away,to forget...But it`s so hard.I wish I weren`t here.
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