Reading in English-the best way for learning language.
2010-01-30 @ 19:55:15
I started reading a next book in English.I chose 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire'.I bought it last winter but now I think I`m better in English than year ago.In my opinion it`s really good way for learning language.Why?It`s obvious.You can learn more words.I want to write an English Exam(so-called Olympic) next year so I am a bit obliged to read these books.Before I had read other books,for examples : 'Owl creek bridge and other stories' or 'Pocahontas' (xD).There are many e-books in the InterNet.But after all I don`t like reading on a computer.It`s very unhealthy for our eyes.So as u all know,'Harry Potter' was written by J.Rowling.I think I don`t have to write about this book.It was a bestseller.I`m really unhappy that Rowling won`t continue these.So I recommend u reading English books and TAKE CARE OF YOURSELVES ;)
'Me and my adventure' (PART 5)
2010-01-06 @ 17:56:13
I approached to his bed .
-Francis , please can't die!- I rarely cry but then I was crying as a children .
- Tell my wife that I love her ...-after he died .
He was the last malaria's casualty.
I was alone between Indians .They were standing by me but it wasn't the same .I wanted to go away .Powhatan told me that I can go to the shaman and ask him how to escape . I went to his wigwam which was about one kilometre from settlement . I told him my history .
- ... and what I should to do ? - I asked .
-At first you must find ' good ghost ' in charm . . .-he said.
-Charm?-I was astonished.
- The necklace has the `good ghost`.You must find it and touch it.
-What does `the necklace` mean ?
-This necklace which took you away from your world . - and he went away .
After about five days I found an Indian who was wearing the charm which I saw in the picture .
-Can I touch your charm ?-I asked .
- It's saint charm . It has ' the good ghost'.-and then he show me it .
I touched the charm and I felt that I was whirling and falling into dark twirl . After a few seconds I was in my room .In the sky the moon was shining .I noticed the calendar 'It's the same day' - I thought and then I went to bed . Next morning I was thinking that it was just a dream . I took a look on my picture . The charm flashed for the last time .

* gringos - white people
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