Genes & experiments.
2009-09-26 @ 20:37:02
I`ve already read article about "Genes & experiments".All the same I think everyone is unique.And you can`t find person who`s the same as you ,because It`s impossible ! ;D Everyone has own genetic code.Nitrogenous base is carrier of information.Each nucleotide codes proteins.It`s very important.Our life depends in a big way from exactly genetic code. O.K I`m writing about silly things :D.
The day was sunny . I was in the forest.Autumn is observable increasingly :) But the weather is getting cold & cold. :P
Something from nothing.
2009-09-25 @ 21:11:40
hmmm...I`m thinking about ... friendship.I think friend is as valuable as gold ;D.If you have loyal friend,you won`t be lonely.Friendship is as immortelle...It`s a white flower which never shrivels. I don`t know : doesn`t shrivel or never shrivels ... whatever...I have best friends.I believe : Friendship between man and woman exists :))
* Thank you :) You never disrupt me.And you always hear me out :)... M.
I`m very tired.
2009-09-19 @ 20:03:23
I had been learning English for over 1 hour...I was learning : Past Perfect Continuous,Future Perfect and Future Continuous 30 minutes ago.Now I`m reading English jokes ,for example:
A man was sitting on his porch one afternoon when he noticed that his neighbor, a blonde, went out to her mailbox, opened it, and returned to her home empty handed.

About five minutes later, he saw the blonde again. She checked the mailbox and once again, returned to her house empty handed.

She did this two more times before the man decided to ask her about it. "Why do you keep coming out to your mailbox every five minutes?" the man asked.

"Because," replied the blonde, "my computer keeps telling me that I've got mail!"
xD :D
But I like tongue twisters also :
# Sheena leads, Sheila needs.

# The thirty-three thieves thought that they thrilled the throne throughout Thursday.
If you want to read more jokes and tongue twisters,you`ll invite website : :D
Weekend .... at last ! :D
2009-09-18 @ 19:59:03
This week was very hard.I brought home that holidays are antecedents.Now I must flash on learning,I know.
I`ve already finished my homeworks and I think that a bit of fresh air will do me good :) I wrote paper about thrifting energy.Obviously in English :D joke :D I`m kidding :P In Polish :]
In my first note I wrote : "I like reading...".
Yeah It`s true.Now I`m reading "Harry Potter and The Goblet Of Fire" :P In English-now it`s not joke :D My favourite writer is Harlan Coben.He writes very good thrillers.My the best thriller is "The Woods" (in Polsh ;]).On Thursday I`ve got English test . I hope I`ll pass...
I think so I am .
2009-09-14 @ 20:04:27
Another day has gone.The day was OK.There comes autumn...I don`t like autumn because it`s very sad and rainy season.I`ve already recalled that I`ve got homework of history : "Explain who Marduk,Anu and Enlil were!" Oh My Goodness :D And now from another grollo :P Our teacher of English asked:"What do you think about Poles?? "...hmmm...
I think Poles are hospitable because they are always able to help you . In my opinion Poles are religious because they often go to church.I think Poles are pessimistic because they never see good side of their problems.hmmm...I think Poles are also recalcitrant because...they aren`t easy-going. :P What about you?What do you think about Poles?? :D
Something about me .
2009-09-13 @ 16:56:45
My name is Blaise.I live in Skrzyszów...Skrzyszów is small countryside next to Wodzisław :P I`m 15.I`ve already finished secondary school in Skrzyszów.Now I learn in Wodzisław ( I LO :P,profile: biology,geography and English ).I like reading,jogging,listening to music.I also like learning English.Now I`m learning two languages:English and Spanish.I set up this blog because I hope I`ll improve my English Language.
I`ve got 3 brothers and one sister :) If you want to write with me in English ,you`ll can write to me : 9974851 :) Please,correct my mistakes :D
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