'Me and my adventure' ( PART 4 )
2009-12-27 @ 11:11:11
After this event Indians were treating us like a shamans .They often were asking us for driving out ' bad ghosts` ! It was very silly. We have lived there for two months. They gave us traditional Indian's clothes and small warbonnets . Every evening they were inviting us to smoke ' peace pipe ' in Powhatan 's wigwam . Powhatan was the chief of Indians . He had three wifes and about nine childrens . Every day man were hunting . They were using shooters - Indian equivalent of shotgun . Cartridges were stilettos . Stiletto ' s ending was lubricating of poison . They could kill monkeys even from the highest tree.
Indians were using a specific plant ' onoto ' to draw tatoos on skin . But it was waschable tatoo . Configuration of bars was a tribe tradition . Indians were using a red pigment from ' onoto's seeds` or they were using juice from ' huito's fruits`. But juice was black and they couldn't wash this off for about fifteen days. And the worst of all for me was eating worms. It was their delicacy ! In turn the best for me was drinking `Yerba Mate` . Indians Wai Wai made prize of drinking ' Yerba Mate' from Indians Guarani . For today it's the holy herb and gift from Mother of Earth . ' Yerba Mate ' in Latin means exactly `ilex paraguariensis` - in Engilsh : Paraguayan Ilex . Another relishes was monkey ! It's like chicken soup for Indians . It was awful. Monkeys were looking like small childrens in the soup.
Indians were also using leares from coca for doing tea or tabacco .They were saying that coca is gift from ' Good Gods' . At once they were never using cocain - they were saying that it's from devil. The tea with coca is the same as ' mate de coca`.These days were the happiest in my life until the malaria attaced . This illness decimated Indians . Warm and wetness were diversifying disease . Also Francis was fell in iII . The worst thing was that there were no doctors in here . I was lying in my wigwam when Matoaka came .
- He is dying gringo ...- he said .
'Me and my adventure' (PART 3)
2009-12-23 @ 14:02:21
-They must be killed my chief-I heard.
-Of course.It`s the best idea.They injured our peace.It`s time to start fighting with `Whites`.
We came in settlement.There were a lot of wigwams and a few fires.Squaws (Indian women) were hidding in their small houses.
They led us to a small prison.
-You must stay in here.Tomorrow morning you`ll die because you harmed our peace!-said the chief and then he left us.
-Oh,no! They`ll kill us!We must escape!-I shouted.
-Don`t be silly.They `ll catch you.I have an idea.Tomorrow will be the solar eclipse.We tell them that if they kill us ,we`ll switch the sun off.They are really naive,believe me.
-Hmmm...I hope,you are right...
The night was awful.Next morning they tied us to stilts.We couldn`t move.Indians stoked the fire and they started dancing around .A few of them were playing on something like tambourines,than the chief came.Everyone was quiet.
-What would you like to say before your death?-he asked.
-You can`t kill us!-I shouted.
-Oh,yeah?We are free people and you are on our land.This is our rule to kill you !
-If you kill us,we `ll turn the sun off-Francis told.
-It`s impossible!Only our shaman can switch the sun off.
-Give us two hours ,please.
-O.K. . But if it`s untruth,you`ll die in horrendous tortures.-he menaced.
Other Indians were very disappointed.They come back to their wigwams.After about one hour and thirty minutes Francis said:
-Look at the sun!
Suddenly stars started shining brightly in the sky.Indians were frightened.Everybody was kneeling in front of us and panting for restitution the sun.
-If you free us,we`ll give you the sun back-I demanded.
-Matoaka! Free them !- the chief shouted.
-But it`s not everything.You must provide us a wigwam because we can`t go away now.-Francis told.
- It's obvious my great ' gringo* shaman'--said the chief harrified.
And then the sun flashed again.
' Me and my BOREDOM ;D '
2009-12-22 @ 14:51:36
It's my English lesson today-just four persons in class.So... I'm so bored. ! I stopped for a few days writing my English tale (oh,I'm sorry - I finished my tale but I can't copy down it now).
Me and my friends are playin'/searchin' in NET.My teacher told that it's unnecessary to havin' lesson in this 'BIG GROUP'.I think so ;) After school I'm going to library.I must buy present for my mum 'cause tomorrow it'is her birthday.I loved 'Chronicles of the Narnia'.I haven't known that in these books there are Christian themes.For example: LION (Aslan) who died for a boy( after all He came back to life 'cause He told love is undying).Why I wrote 'He' usin' capital letter? Because He-Aslan is parable of Jesus... It's beautiful-I really recommend you these books or films ;))
Take care ! ;D
'Me and my adventure' (PART 2)
2009-12-18 @ 19:53:11
One night I got up at half past two.I didn`t know what pulled me out from my dream. I noticed that in the picture something was shining .`It`s probably the moon reflection `-I thought. After all I came up to the picture .I realised that the light was coming out from the Indian`s charm.I touched the necklace delicately and ... I felt that I was falling into dark whirl.I was turning and I was feeling giddy .I alighted on the hard ground.I was looking around and I noticed the same scene from my picture.The Red was aiming at the white man !
-Look out ! - I shouted.
The Indian missed his shot.
- Run away !
We were running through the forest .I heard that the Red was chasing us.We were running about one hour and then we stopped.
-What are you doing here?! It`s very dangerous place!-he told.
-I don`t know...I remember that my picture absorbed me.
-Oh,and what`s your name?-he asked me.
-I`m Blaise .And you?
-My name is Francis.I`m a traveller.We are on the Wai Wai Indians area.
-Wai Wai ? I`ve thought that they were died in XVII century!
-Seventeenth century?Now It`s May 1540 !
Suddenly we heard somebody`s voice:
-Stop! Just one move and you will die!
There were about ten Indians round us.
-Let`s tie them up-told one of them.
-Ropes are not really necessary-said the oldest.
-Keep still!Don`t try to free yourself !
We were going about two hours then we saw Indian`s settlement...

Me and my adventure . ( PART 1)
2009-12-13 @ 20:39:22
It`s first fragment of my English tale :)

When I was a small boy I was dreaming about journey to South America .I was reading books about Indians
and their culture.Indians had lived peacefully and happy on their land until `Whites` found this fertile area.
After Europeans had harmed Indian`s freedom,they started fighting.Lots of `Whites` and `Reds` were killed.
Today just few tribes are still living .I remember that I had a big picture on the wall in my room.In the picture
I could see a man who probably lost one`s way.He was in the forest.It was the Amazon Forest.Over him there was an Indian on the tree .The Indian warrior wanted to kill the man because he was keeping a big bow in his hands and he was aiming at the man`s chest.My grandfather told me that it was the Indian from Wai Wai tribe.For today it`s the most aggressive tribe among Indians and they still atacks and even eats people sometimes ! The man from the picture didn`t see the Indian warrior .I was very curious of his fates .I didn`t have to wait so long because ...
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