Foreign acquaintance .
2009-10-30 @ 21:18:15
It`s letter which I got from my penfriend Dee :) :


I know 2 languages - english and afrikaans.

I love all kinds of books, mostly true stories... I also enjoy other books not really fussy.

About South Africa...
Yes Pretoria is the capital its a hour away from where i live. Im in Johannesburg. Cape Town is the mother city. It has table mountain the covers most of the sky. Its a perfect place for a day out ont he town.

Cape Town is one of my favourite places to go to...Its about 1400km from my home and its worth the drive. We nornaly go there for the best wines...etc.

We also go to durban that warm right thru the year. Its alot of south africans favourite holidays...

Johannesburg...Where i live is the city of gold. most south africans leave there homes to settle in Johannesburg for the employment and Johannesburg pays the highest rate. We also has a lot of cafes, and its busy at night. Johannesburg is the fastest city in South Africa that includes out driving.

Theres so much more i can let you...

I would like to send you a couple of post cards

Hope to hear from you soon,

2009-10-23 @ 20:34:53
I thought about my first day at school.It was about 9 years ago.I reminisce this day very bad because I was sick and I could feel temperature.I was close to faint.I wanted to escape from this place as fast as it was possible.It was traumatic memorial.But after all my teacher was very funny-she was always smiling :) . I went with my mum.I had a big cornucopia.When I came back to home I ate all lollies from cornucopia ;D
I`m disappointed today cuz I wanted to atend in "Penance Night with Joe Mary Vianney" in Turza Śl. . But it was impossible...
*** - If you are Believer :)
2009-10-16 @ 20:33:28
I don`t know what I should write so I`ll copy down my letter to penfriend.
Dear Tenghonglei,
I saw your announcement and I`d like to
correspond with you.My name is Blaise.I`m 16.I`m
medium height and I have dark blond hair and brown eyes.
I think I`m a typical Pole so I`m pessimistic
and recalcitrant.
I`m very friendly and outgoing.I like the company of other people.I`m able to help somebody so I`m helpful.I`m also calm,peaceful and sometimes naive.(;D). I like smiling :)but I`m sincere after all.I love running,swimming and reading a books.Particularly I like Harlan Coben`s thrillers.
My family live in the small countryside next to Wodzisław.I have three brothers and one sister.
My the best subjects at school are Geography and Biology.I`m learning two languages now : English and Spanish.I don`t like Maths and Physics (yuk! :D).
I don`t know what I`ll do in future.I intend to study Geography.It`s my dream...And if I won 1 000 000 $ ,I`d like to visit your country-China.

Writing with people from other country is really fascinating :)
If you want to meet some people from other country,you can attend this website:
Nobel Peace Prize
2009-10-09 @ 20:06:56
"WASHINGTON — President Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday for his “extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples,” a stunning honor that came less than nine months after he made United States history by becoming the country’s first African-American president."
It`s quotation from The New York Times website.
I`m not sure...Is this "extraordinary effort" really extraordinary? xD I`m convince that It`s a bit overstatement ...
Such a hard day ...
2009-10-03 @ 21:40:33
Learning,learning,learning ... walking ;D
I had to write composition (in Polish) about:
"What philosophical school would you like to choose ?"I chose so-called Aristotle Lyceum.I know why but I will not write it.
I`m afraid about my future...I think about medicine but I don`t like blood and I hate physics !Geography ... It`s more probably.I like this subject ;) But I have `til 3 years or...only 3 years.OK I must go ;p I`m learning English tomorrow.We must translate English words in English (200 words ... ) for example :
talkactive-somebody who likes speaking ,sb who is voluble, gabby ,canty,garrulous,chatty.oO
C A L A M I T Y !! :D
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