A thunderstorm is coming...
2012-07-06 @ 18:12:37
But it`s not only about the weather although here`s also coming a huge thunderstorm. But I love watching lightenings from my room`s windows. The nature is beautiful, isn`t it?

Having said that, I mean also the thunderstorm in my life. In October everything will change and I don`t know if I can deal with it and manage to get accustomed to new place and situation. I am a bit afraid but on the other hand very curious about studies etc..

I fell in love with ... a song :D I recommend you 'Skinny love' by Birdy. It`s amazing. She is amazing too. I like listening to it and singing it.

What about my feelings? Once, I said that I don`t want to find somebody only for not being alone. That`s silly. There are a lot of pairs who are together only for not to be lonely. I don`t believe that relationship with a huge distance can survive. So, I can wait. That`s all.

Have a nice evening,

See you soon ;)

I like this song too but I must admit I know only two or three her songs, I also like 'People help the people', I haven't belived that she is so young and gifted. Yeah, I have the same feelings about lightenings, sometimes shapes are really amazing :)
Huh I have remembered that I wrote similiar note about studies two years ago ;) I also was a bit afraid thinking that everything will change- it has changed but not so much or maybe that's why I study not so far from home but one thing- this two years has been great, I have learned and experienced very much :)

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