Mercedeses S class AMG 65 and AMG 63
2009-12-15 @ 22:46:08
Mercedes S 63 AMG and S 65 AMG, possessing the greatest power of the S-Class models in the 2010 version, now even more enchanting. With a subtle but very effective change, the Sports Sedans offer greater driving dynamics and optimal levels of active and passive safety.

Luxury and dynamics, coupled with a sense of belonging to the elite - those qualities embody Topowe S-Class models from Mercedes-AMG. S 63 AMG by the power of 386 kW/525 hp and a V8 AMG engine with a capacity of 6.2 liters of the developing 630 Nm of maximum torque is capable of a speed 100 km / h after 4.6 seconds. S 65 AMG impresses even more. This is, inter alia, through sixlitres, twelwecylinders units under the guise of the AMG biturbo S 65 AMG, developing maximum output of 450 kW/612 hp.

The engine, which has a maximum torque of 1000 newton meters, can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in just 4.4 seconds. Top speed electronically limited two limousines to 250 km / h. Despite the technical characteristics and performance of the car, managed to reduce the burning of fuel and CO2 emissions by up to 3 percent.

Status emphasizes the car new, more protruding in front, shaped like cave shots, mock-up front with twin chrome air intake slats. The new front panel composed into eye-eye to the AMG light daytime, made in LED technology (light-emitting diodes), as well as two lateral air intakes on both sides. Other eye-catching element is the subtitle "6.3 AMG" or "V12 Biturbo" on the front fender and revised outside mirrors.

The lower side panels highlight the elegant line of the car, running toward the back of the car. In the rear we see another characteristic feature: the central part of the diffuser blocks is now painted the same color as the car body. The new tail lights, equipped with 52 light emitting diodes arranged in the shape of a double letter "C", S-Class also give a unique look. Characteristic element that accentuates the character of a sports car is its exhaust with two dual, chrome-tipped, like V12.

Model S 63 AMG is equipped with 19' wheels, while S 65 AMG boasts AMG wheels 20' wrought alloy light metal, the style double spokes, coated with lacquer mirror titanium gray in color, "obutymi" with tires in size 255/35 R 20 (front) and 275/30 R 20 (rear).

AMG sports suspension based on a system of active body control (Active Body Control, ABC), has - for the first time as standard equipment - vehicle stabilization function that compensates the effects of lateral wind or, in the case of the stronger gusts, the minimum limits its performance. ABC system, using sensors, tilt angle and lateral acceleration of the wheels that are part of the stabilization system ESP ®, differentiates the wheel load distribution depending on wind direction and strength, the reaction system occurs in a split second.

The standard for cars and enter a new feature called the moment vector brake (Brake Torque Vectoring) during cornering for a short time runs the rear brake, internal wheel, which allows more precise and controlled cornering. This solution is part of the stabilizer ESP ® and not only improves the car react to the movements of the wheel, but also contributes to raising the level of active safety, which is particularly evident in critical situations.

Driving experience further enhances the Direct-Steer system: offering variable, depending on the angle of steering wheel, steering stopnień translation, provides a more direct rekcję chassis during cornering, which in turn translates into more precise handling car - and thus greater driving pleasure behind the wheel S-Class Mercedes-AMG.

High-performance braking system, based on the ADAPTIVE BRAKE system, ensure adequate power and braking distance and reaction time. The front axle is equipped with a double floating calipers. This unique technology combines the advantages of the brake disc and clamp plain - a smaller amount of heat transferred to the brake fluid and a clear advantage when it comes to comfort level resulting from the application of the guide mechanism of the brake lining - the effectiveness of the brake caliper fitted with a permanent large scale.

Wide range of standard equipment from the stylish luxury szyldu

Interior in no way inferior technological luxury package: when opening the door, S 65 AMG welcomes the driver of a large, animated word "AMG V12 BiTurbo" the central instrument cluster display. Main menu informs the user of the engine oil temperature, current gear and can recharge while RACETIMER function shows the lap times while driving on the racetrack. Luxurious leather seats type PASSION, which is the equipment of the S 65 AMG, the model based on a diamond figure, in the style of the AMG V12, useful interior atmosphere of sophistication.

Generous use of walnut pieces and analog clock AMG IWC is a standard design. Five-automatic gearbox SPEEDSHIFT in the S 65 AMG is equipped with the direct selection function translate DIRECT SELECT. Change gears using aluminum manetek placed in the new AMG sports steering wheel. S 63 AMG is equipped with a 7G-TRONIC SPEEDSHIFT.

New standards in active and passive safety

The most exclusive model of the S-Class is a model for the automotive world when it comes to the level of active and passive safety. Owes a combination of innovative systems supporting the driver's employment-based video and radar technology. Among them: a system of recognition of driver sleepiness (ATTENTION ASSIST), the adaptive system supporting beam (Adaptive HighBeam Assist) system holding the vehicle in the designated lane (Lane Keeping Assist) and type brakes PRE-SAFE ®, combined with controlling radiolocator distance from preceding vehicle. Each of them reacts independently of the other emergency incident, thus acting like "electronic crumple zone".

Vision system to assist in driving conditions at night (Night View Assist), working with infrared cameras, has a new feature to identify the presence of a pedestrian on the road. Image from the camera placed on the windshield is also used by the new control system driving the speed limit, available as an option. Systems Brake Assist PLUS and control the distance from the preceding vehicle (DISTRONIC PLUS) support the driver in case you need emergency braking maneuver. Conscious of the optimal location of the user's body in the face of case system PRE-SAFE ® and luxury head restraints in the NECK-PRO technology also are now standard equipment for cars.

New communication and entertainment systems, including the COMAND APS with an innovative SPLITVIEW screen, allowing viewing by the driver and passenger, two different images at the same time, further raise the level of ride comfort felt by people traveling model S 65 AMG.

The options are also available accessories designed exclusively for cars bearing the signature of the AMG logo, and offered by a specialized cell in the Mercedes-AMG - STUDIO PERFORMANCE:

• 20' AMG wheels with forged light alloy metal, the style double spokes, coated with lacquer mirror titanium gray in color, fitted with tires in size 255/35 R 20 on the front and 275/30 R 20 rear
• elements of the finished floor AMG carbon fiber / piano lacquer
• rugs AMG

S 63 AMG is produced version of the normal and extended wheelbase. S 65 AMG is only available in versions with extended wheelbase. Both models will be on sale in June 2009 but some vehicles ordered in the Polish stores. Model S 63 AMG costs 596,500.00 zł, and S 65 L AMG costs 957,500.00 zł.

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