Mercedes SLS 63 CP Kicherer
2009-12-09 @ 10:52:30
Mercedes SLS 63 CP Kicherer - let alone the car debuted and has already found its way into the hands of tuners with the firm Kicherer. The changes are fragile. First of all, you can manually produced załóważyć new grill made of stainless steel, which in addition to the standard silver color is also available gold. Mounted matte black 3-piece, 20-inch alloy wheels RS-1. At the rear the car will find a new exhaust system made of stainless steel and four trapezowatymi endings. Interestingly, we exhaust gas flow control valve, which allows you to select the sound - quiet or loud. Kicherer has also prepared amendments to improve engine performance, but only on special request.


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