last day of vacation
2007-09-02 @ 21:08:10
I won't me orginal and i will write about school. Yeah... school year is starting tomorrow. I'm not happy, but what is strange in it? I have promised think optimistically and i'm going to do it :) Smile it base. I will survive and i won't worry.
Today unfortunatelly i have a cold and i were sitting in house whole day. I hope that tomorrow will be better becouse i'm going to go for friend's birthday party.

thanks for all coments :*

Hello! Thanks for a comment. I hope you feel better. Good luck in a party.
School isn't as bad as you think. It'll be OK. Maybe I write that because I'm young and I don't know school as well as you... but I think everythink will be good :)
kisses :*

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