2011-12-31 @ 16:07:18
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012 !!!!!

G evening everybody ;]
2011-12-28 @ 21:50:25
Oh , what s crazy day!

I was going on shops bc I wanted to buy nice stilettos... Unluckly, I found nth good :(
We r having ball " studniówka " in school on 15.01.12. I bought green grown. So beautiful.

I have done invited on small celebration by my friend 2rw. She passed her exam driving xD We must drink it xd lol :P I hope we ll be super xd
I will meet my lovely guys <3 I miss them ...
It will be looooong night :D
Sometimes I m sad when I think about my finish school :( Only 4 months.. And we must say good bye each other :( My lovely friends :< Everybody will choose different way for longer education.
But we will still the best gang ,4ever <3

I have finished to talk with my Algeriane Boy xD
I promised to say ab him more... But not today..

Gn . Buonna :*
Xmas ..Xmas... And After Xmas!
2011-12-26 @ 18:45:51
OMG! I m so full! I m looking like...elephant! Lol :D

Hmmm... It s good Xmas is finishing...
I like the atmosphere of Xmas but I hate sitting and doing nothing!

One thing was good in this time. I spent a little time with my friend from Algeria on skype. He is very nice boy... Hm... We have known each other for 15 months.
And... I'm having one problem with him... Anyway I ll not talk about it today. It s the last day of Xmas so... DON T WORRY, BE HAPPY ! :)


And how we say in arabic.. SALAM !
Marry Xmas !
2011-12-25 @ 22:11:43
Hello everybody!

I wish you a lot of happiness, love and health. I can t forget about next year 2012 !
Wish you very very very gr8 New Year Eve xD !
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