Hello :)
2016-01-13 @ 18:23:37
Last week I watched a movie called ,,Więzień labiryntu" :)
Teenage Thomas ( Dylan O'Brien ) wakes up in a dark elevator , not remembering anything.Trafic the mysterious zone,an area inhabited by dozens of other boys who got there in the same way. Huge wall surrounding terrain opens it every morning, opening a passage to the maze.Residents are trying to find a way since two years.New hope arises from a woman ,Teresą (Kaya Scodelario),which trafic zone in a coma,clutching a mysterious note.
2016-01-13 @ 17:53:36
Today I watched the film ,,Romeo and Julia"
Romeo Montague falls in love with the beautiful Juliet Capulet . However, on the way to happiness lovers they stand their warring families,what ends with the death of Romeo and Juliet.
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