Hi :)
2015-10-29 @ 17:06:14
Last Sunday I accidentally watched a film the Rats race.It's a comedy.There was twelve people who won a coin in the cassino.They don't know what is happening so they are going to organizer,who is telling them about 2 milions zlotys in the Orlean's bank.Everybody wants to get it.The "rats" race was started.After all the moeny were given to charity.
In my opinion this film was very funny.
Hello :)
2015-10-22 @ 17:14:12
I come back again after some months.So I am going to write about films or books.
Today's post is about film The Dead Poets Society.This film is about boarding school for boys.Students have a new English teacher who has different methods of teaching.This teacher is tring to teatch it and the love to the poem "carpe diem".
2015-10-05 @ 22:51:39
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