2014-11-30 @ 22:41:59
Today I back to home the music workshop.In my opinion it was cool because I met some new people which are fantastic, fun.It was nice to hang out with them.
2014-11-30 @ 22:36:14
hey , 29.11.2014 or yesterday we were in the park of miniatures and we entered the holy cross.It was fantastic.
2014-11-28 @ 16:51:24
For twenty minutes jade warsztay music all weekend in the mountains. :/
Hello again
2014-11-27 @ 18:41:45
Today the whole our class had vaccination fortunately did not hurt.
2014-11-26 @ 19:47:53
Today was no disco and it was boring. :(
Hi :/
2014-11-25 @ 21:19:15
Tomorrow is a disco party in my school and I cna't wait to go there because it is always a lot of fun.
Hello again
2014-11-24 @ 18:58:53
Today I am having a bad day but a good news is that I finshed lesson earlier.
2014-11-23 @ 15:28:44
Hi,so Today we are having a lot of learning because tomorrow we are having 3 tests.
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