"Red Lipstick Monster. Tajniki makijażu"
2016-01-18 @ 07:17:08
Unimportant, how much time you have and how much money you are spending on beauty treatments - Ewa will show you, what to do in order to look breathtakingly!

This book will let you understand principles of make-up. In the end you will find the answer to questions:

* How to select appropriate undercoat?
* How to do the perfect line on the eyelid?
* How into the simplest manner to contour face?
* How to select make-up to glasses?
* How to complete the make-up tool kit?

Red Lipstick Monster it is the most popular make-up channel on Polish YouTube, which is watching the each month over półmiliona of Internet users.

His author, Ewa Grzelakowska-Kostoglu - make-up artist and piercer - is giving away secrets developed by years of the making up. He is advising, how to use them in practice to feel beautifully every day.

Compulsory position on the shelf of every woman - irrespective of age, sort of good looks and it, which sąjej abilities in the art of the making up!

"Two wolves. Male crossing over the life"
2016-01-18 @ 07:07:45
What they can talk about rock musician with the Dominican friar? Become convinced reaching for this book! Of subjects because will be in abundance. And in addition a statement won't run short of the authenticity, something concrete and the simplicity. It's no use here however to seek the cheap moralizing. Musician - as the father, and the monk - as person devoted to God and for people, every day are facing up to different adversities. And not always result from skirmishes victoriously. However reflection is a result - lives concerning various fields - which decided to share. This conversation can inspire the reader for changes, often difficult, but unusually needed in the own life.

You were warned. And now - to make a success of the time to the bookshop!

"Darling, why you gave up?"
2016-01-17 @ 23:53:47
Sixteen Laurel can't resign himself to the tragic bereavement of the sister. He is seeking the help of idols which also walked away: Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin are writing letters to them. From these letters a story about her is being made up alone, for for her suffering, solitude, seeking oneself and forgiving.
Laurel she admired the sister, but felt by her pushed off into the shadow. Now he is trying to be reconciled with what happened, and to find oneself. Although it isn't easy to bewail somebody, whom … wasn't forgiven
He is writing about what happened, is surviving it one more time. He is confiding, is asking. These lists and love which he is discovering, let reconcile with the life and with oneself. He understands that she could not rescue the sister, but perhaps rescue oneself.

It's really good book :)

"God is never blinking"
2016-01-17 @ 23:04:02
Fifty pointers. Fifty lessons, in which the author is intertwining own experiences with experience of people met on their winding road; is quoting forms important for oneself, meaning books and films, inspiring prayers and certified excerpts from book; is reminding the sentence of power of psalms and straight lines.

They appreciated feature articles of Regina Brett and readers fell in love worldwide. They were being stuck on refrigerators, they were sending out in e-mails to family and friends. The subjects of a lesson which the life granted the author, were being quoted on thousands of blogs and they were reprinting in newspapers.

The book which you are holding in the hand, will become close for everyone who at any time was on a practical bend and everything searching for the inspiration. Let every of fifty lessons be a manifesto - as the heroine of one of essays, certain sports hat with the simple password: "the Life is good". Because so is. Really.

It's my bestseller! <3

"Cavalry captain Pilecki. Volunteer to Auschwitz"
2016-01-17 @ 22:52:11
In 1944-1956 years in Poland a few thousand persons being involved in anti-communist independence organizations were lost. Also old KL prisoners were victims of these felonies Auschwitz, including Witold Pilecki, recognised by historians as six bravest people of the European resistance movement.

It's historical book. I adore such a kind of books. :)

"Program. Part 1. Plague of suicides"
2016-01-17 @ 22:36:31
Teenagers on a large scale are committing suicide. At some schools so authorities are implementing the pilot program of the counteraction of this epidemic. All symptoms of depression have a police record scrupulously, and the ones which are breaking down, are being subjected to the treatment at isolated clinics. The treatment seems effective, but everyone who took the participation in the programme, is coming back to the everyday life fully deprived of memories.

Sloane parents lost the as many as one child and are ready for anything in order only to rescue her. So the girl contains her real emotions. James is an only person, by which he is feeling freely,, her boy. He promised her, that of them two nothing will happen, and Sloane is certain, that their love will survive everything. But from the week for the week both are becoming more and more weak. It is more and more hard for them to save face, because depression is striking them down. And then Program.
Dark, dystopijna to lead with the affair in the background.
The best book ever! I wait on next part! <3

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