"Up!" :)
2015-11-15 @ 23:09:27
Okay, okay I know "Up!" is the fairy tale. But it's the most beautiful fairy tale in the world :)

70 years old Carl after the death of his wife, turns your home into the aircraft and flies to South America to fulfill his dream. By chance, he takes with him youth scout.
Carl did all these things with love of his wife, funfill their dream. He loves his wife to the end.

It's the most beautiful story about love <3

I'm sorry and "Pilecki. My father's footsteps"
2015-11-15 @ 22:54:38
I know, I'm the worst blogger in the world. I have a lot of job. I'm really sorry :(

Today I would like to tell you about book "Pilecki. My father's footsteps". It's very good book! :)
It's about Witold Pilceki. It's Polish soldier banned. About his father tells Andrzej Pilecki. He says about life and business Witolda and about hard time in Poland.
Book moves me, because Witold Pilecki is my authority.
I love this book! :D

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