Chemistry <3
2015-10-31 @ 21:51:11
Saints Day leads me to think about die.
This film is just about die and love. But not only about it. This is a story about unusual feeling, growing up and finding their own identity. about love that is stronger than fear and we should love like there's no tomorrow.
I was in cinema with my mum and sister. This film touched us and gave to think. I'm not revealing you the plot of this film, but if you will have a opportunity, you must see it! The film changed my life and my glance on love and live.
It's the best Polish film about love! <3
I love this film and recommending it all! <3
2015-10-19 @ 21:10:37
Soon I will tell you about an amzaing book :)
The subject will "hope", but I can't reveal too much :D
Book with hope? We will see :)
Wait! :)
Love you, bye! <3
2015-10-19 @ 21:01:06
I'm Natalia. I'm 14 :)
I love books! Really <3 I can't imagine life without them :D
Today I finished "3 meters above the sky".
It's really good book :)
It's typical romase, but I love this book!
The book little different from the film and is much butter :D
Step is my dream man :p

"- I'm happy. Never in my entire life have I felt so good. And you?
- I? - Hugs her to him - I feel great.
- Yes, that finger could touch the sky?
- No, not like that.
- How is it not so?
- A much higher. At least three meters above the sky." <3
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