"Darling, why you gave up?"
2016-01-17 @ 23:53:47
Sixteen Laurel can't resign himself to the tragic bereavement of the sister. He is seeking the help of idols which also walked away: Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin are writing letters to them. From these letters a story about her is being made up alone, for for her suffering, solitude, seeking oneself and forgiving.
Laurel she admired the sister, but felt by her pushed off into the shadow. Now he is trying to be reconciled with what happened, and to find oneself. Although it isn't easy to bewail somebody, whom … wasn't forgiven
He is writing about what happened, is surviving it one more time. He is confiding, is asking. These lists and love which he is discovering, let reconcile with the life and with oneself. He understands that she could not rescue the sister, but perhaps rescue oneself.

It's really good book :)


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