"God is never blinking"
2016-01-17 @ 23:04:02
Fifty pointers. Fifty lessons, in which the author is intertwining own experiences with experience of people met on their winding road; is quoting forms important for oneself, meaning books and films, inspiring prayers and certified excerpts from book; is reminding the sentence of power of psalms and straight lines.

They appreciated feature articles of Regina Brett and readers fell in love worldwide. They were being stuck on refrigerators, they were sending out in e-mails to family and friends. The subjects of a lesson which the life granted the author, were being quoted on thousands of blogs and they were reprinting in newspapers.

The book which you are holding in the hand, will become close for everyone who at any time was on a practical bend and everything searching for the inspiration. Let every of fifty lessons be a manifesto - as the heroine of one of essays, certain sports hat with the simple password: "the Life is good". Because so is. Really.

It's my bestseller! <3


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