"Program. Part 1. Plague of suicides"
2016-01-17 @ 22:36:31
Teenagers on a large scale are committing suicide. At some schools so authorities are implementing the pilot program of the counteraction of this epidemic. All symptoms of depression have a police record scrupulously, and the ones which are breaking down, are being subjected to the treatment at isolated clinics. The treatment seems effective, but everyone who took the participation in the programme, is coming back to the everyday life fully deprived of memories.

Sloane parents lost the as many as one child and are ready for anything in order only to rescue her. So the girl contains her real emotions. James is an only person, by which he is feeling freely,, her boy. He promised her, that of them two nothing will happen, and Sloane is certain, that their love will survive everything. But from the week for the week both are becoming more and more weak. It is more and more hard for them to save face, because depression is striking them down. And then Program.
Dark, dystopijna to lead with the affair in the background.
The best book ever! I wait on next part! <3


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