"Ocalony. Ćpunk w kościele"
2015-11-29 @ 23:01:13
"It's a story of a drug addict whom God has given a second life." :)

The constant fun, alcohol and casual sex, more powerful drugs, more scams and theft - so what life was like Andrzej Sowa. And it all started from the moment in which being lower seminary, a 14 years old was first lit marijuana. In the meantime, together with a team of Maria Nefeli won the festival in Jarocin and earned the respect of punk music scene to but after a few years at his own request anything to lose. Drugs have proven to be important. When he thought that there was no salvation, that no one remembers him, God unexpectedly held out his hand. This is a very moving testimony gives hope that it is never too late to turn back, and God is always waiting to give a man a second chance.

It's a very moving book which give to a think. I recommend to everyone. After this book I would never try drugs. :)


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