... continued
2010-12-04 @ 16:58:09
J started larghing. Than he said that it's really important think and that I will died next day. He told to me that bus will fell at me from viadukt and that his mission was save me. J was sure that he was joking but he look very serious. J told him that it was late and J should went home. He tried to stopped me. He caught my hand and said that it's not all, but J escape him and run as fast as J can. It was scary. J will never forget this date.
the warst date two
2010-12-01 @ 21:13:11
Monika tell us:
My worst date was with guy called Damian. He was about two years older than me,he was seventeen. We had met each other in case. It began guiet well. Both of us like animals so he took me to the zoo. We were walking and talking. Suddenly he started talking about death and he told thet he saw people who are death and he know when somebody will died.
...to be continued!
2010-11-28 @ 19:39:30
We decided that we would go to the cinema. We chose the film wich i wanted to watch so much. It was horror. We bought the popcorn and cola and we sat down to places. the film was started. Everythink was well until I saw how my parthner was shaking with fear. He looked like the small child. Everyone laughted at him. This film wasn't terrible. I felt embarased and I wounted to go home.
Patric didn't say a word to me more. Most probably, he was ashamed of his behaviour. I wasn't bad of him, but I wouldn't know how to talk to him. So we didn't meet more.
song fore you!
2010-11-28 @ 13:36:06
2010-11-28 @ 13:34:12
Tuday is last day of sammer. I'll go to tell you about our worst dates in sammer. I'll start with Lidka's worst date.
Lidka telle me:
Imet with my fellow of my friends. Paula persuaded us to go somewher together. His name wos Patric. He wos handsome enough and he had beautiful, long, blonde hair. I liked him very much.
post 2
2010-10-17 @ 18:47:21
Lidka- my best friend
Monika- my secend best friend
Marta- pron

I and Lidka are sitting in the same desk. Monika sitting in front of us. In our school are a lot of boys but they are stupid. We have greath teachers. We didn't have boyfriends.

(Ok so this is the beginning rest later.)
2010-10-14 @ 17:35:02
Hello! My name is Marta. this bloge is my homework. I'll writte a story about teen girls and theirs boyfrends, ups and downs. Bay!
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