2010-03-03 @ 21:41:31
http://www.stawiska.gdanskafundacja.pl/Zima.jpgHi! I had a horrible day today! I hade a headache and I felt terrible. I hope that tommorow it us going to be better. Tommorow at school we're having maths competition. wish me luck! This winter is sooooo anoying! It is getting wormer but it is still very freezing!! I can't wait for summer and the finish of school year;] BYE
2010-02-24 @ 20:18:28
HI,today is wednesday;] I finished my lessons at 14:15. Later I went to play football. Tommorow we are going to have exam. So i have to go to learn bye!
2010-02-10 @ 22:41:48
Hi! Today is wednesday, So I finished my school after 4 o'clock. Tommorow me and my class are going for a trip to the bank. On friday we are having another trip. We are going to Warsaw. I guess it will be fun! Bye.
Hi !!!
2010-01-06 @ 20:55:55
It's been so long when I was posted something here. But all of this is because of christmas holidays. We had them for almost 2 weeks. Lots of food, free time and relaxing. It was great time for parties and have some fun. But now it's not too nice, because it's school time... Fortunatelly only for 2 weeks, because then we will have winter holidays! I can't wait to have them!
I hope that I will go somewhere. Maybe I will go to the mountains, but everything could happen.
2009-12-09 @ 21:45:50
Hi people! Today is wedensday, so I finished my lessons at 2 p.m.;] I should have PE lesson until 4 p.m. but my teacher was absend... I was really upset, because we planed to play football. I have to go now and learn biology for tommorow's lesson:/ bye!
Robert Kubica!!!!!
2009-11-26 @ 00:17:29
Already on Friday Robert Kubica after once next it will stand up on start take-off of car rally, this time Rallye du Var. Poland driver will go in colours of team Team Chazel for steering - wheel Renault Clio Maxi R3. The boss of team the Renaud the Chazel admitted, that the Kubicy is under large impression of rally skills.
Football !!!
2009-11-18 @ 22:28:01
The representation of Poland won from Canada 1:0. Representation of Poland won after four defeats from line and she had shot for 388 minutes first goal. This first coach's victory Smudy.
2009-11-11 @ 20:22:25
On Monday and Tuesday, my whole class had opportunities to participate in economic workshops. The occupations led three girls from different sides of world. One comes from from Russia, second with Romanians and third of Korea. It was great, leading they showed us how to unroll firm well and how to get success. Whole occupations be held in English language.
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