2011-09-21 @ 18:56:38
I'm almost prepared for maths exam so I turn "abba" in and chillout...

Recently I saw great movie with Adrien Brody "Obłęd" which .. terrified me. There was so much pain and suffering that every spectator has hopeless humor after seeing it. I had for all day but I am not regret that I saw it. It was a great lesson of real life.
2011-09-21 @ 17:01:50
Hey ;)
I am Malwina, seventen years old student high school near Łódź. I am rather calm kind of person but surrounded by friends I'm crazy and funny ;)

I should now prapare for my maths exam but I'm writing this words which I think nobody read. It's not very bad cause maybe I just want feel that I can talk to someone even there's nobody interested.

I'm sure there's a lot of mistakes but maybe some strangers could read it without embarrassment.
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