My first job
2009-08-11 @ 19:09:10
I've just finished the first job in my life! God, it was so hard. I didn't realize that people who gives leaflets onn the street have so hard job. I didn't give leaflets, I had to advertise Play Fresh and sell it. But the tireness is much the same. I had to walk Stawowa Street in Katowice for 8 hours and from Thursday to Sunday. But my day in job lasted 10 hours! I had to be two hours earlier because we worn special make up, clothes and hairstyle. There were people who were responsible for preparing us for this job. I enjoyed it in the first day, but the next were real hell! And the worst part was after work, when we had to remove this hairstyles! The hairdresser used so much hairspray that when I tried to brush my hair it hurt! I was almost crying from the pain..
And from now, I will never refuse taking a leaflet on the street, never!
Italy I'm coming !
2008-07-09 @ 19:21:15

Well, in 2 days I am going to Italy. I have never been there before. I am going to stay near to Venice in seaside resort. I want to visit Rome too. So I will go there for 2 maybe 3 days. All my trip is going to last only 2 weeks.. :( I can't wait to go!!!!! I am counting down minutes..

How about you? Where are you going? What are you doing this summer? What adventures you've already had?

I don't study at all...
2008-05-29 @ 20:20:55
I go to quite good High School. It is obvious that if you want to go there you have to be good student and care about your grades. But I noticed that saying something like "I don't study at all.." is really in vogue. Even if we are going to have very important exam everyone who want to be "cool" claims that he doesn't know anything because he wasn't in the mood the day before or just did not want to hussle himself. But the truth is that they study all night and count on great grade.It sounds like a studying and worrying about results of tests it something we should be ashamed of.. like everyone who does it is a antisocial grind - and anyone wants to be a grind..
For me it is just stupid..
Test yourself
2008-05-17 @ 19:07:47
What summer type are you?
( in my case this quiz worked :)
1. When thinking about vacation, what is the first thing that crosses your mind?
A. suntan cream
B. a snorkel
C. a guidebook

2. Your favourite "holiday" movie is :
A. a comedy or romantic comedy
B. "Indiana Jones" series and all the comics adaptations
C. Bollywood movies

3. If you were an animal, what it would be?
A. a at
B. a dog
C. a bird

4. The best city for holidays is :
A. Egypt
B. New York
C. Paris

5. The best place to relax is :
A. sand on the beach
B. under the water or in the forest
C. in a museum or a gallery

6. Water for you means :
A. warm sea or lake, me in the boat or learning to surf
B. equipment for scuba diving
C. a cruise towards China, following Marco Polo tracks

7. When in Rome...
A. do what Romans do: look for a nice cafe and search for trendy shops
B. check if it is true what they say about "Di Trevi Fountain"
C. definitely Pantheon and Coliseum and Spanish Stairs!

The answer is easy : you are a beach type. Sun, sand and warm water is all you need to be happy and to relax the way you like. You do not mind some of the summer activities, and even a trip to an interesting place from time to time but these cannot distract you from your favourite activity - doing nothing on the beach in August!

Adventure is your second name! No matter where but it must be somewhere exciting! The best option would be a jungle in the middle of Africa, diving course in Mexico or even paintball on safari. You like to be always on a move, so everything from rock climbing to paraglidging will suit you as long as you do not get bored.

Educational holidays. You are also called intellectual type, and that's why the best vacation for you will be sightseeing new places. They can be of historical interest, they can be the Old Town of Budapest but the more you learn from them the more you like it.
tense waiting time..
2008-05-10 @ 19:58:32
I've just washed out the dye from my hair.. I have never had this hue before. Hope I will not look like a carrot..

Anyway. I'm curious about how did you came across this page..? In my case it was a pure coincidence ;> I haven't even search this type of website :)

just women's life..
2008-05-01 @ 21:03:01
Being a woman is worse than being a farmer - there is so much harvesting and crop spraying to be done: legs to be waxed, underarms shaved, eyebrows plucked, feet pumiced, skin exfoliated and moisturized, spots cleansed, roots dyed, eyelashes tinted, nails filed, cellulite massaged, stomach muscles exercised.

Do I have to write whose are these words? :)
Bridget rules ;)
What a day ;)
2008-04-24 @ 21:31:38
I went to school at 10 o'clock today. When I opened the door the first what I heard was a loud and heavy tune of electric guitar. I walked up the stairs and I saw a amplifiers, big speakers, drums, guitar and a boy from the third class screaming to the microphone. Crowd of students was surrounding them, sing and even dance pogo to the music.. On the schoolyard many third-class students were running after and pouring each other with water.
This is the tradition in my high school :) Actually it is the only school in my city were is something like that ;> The day after end of the schoolyear every graduate can do whatever he want ( as long as it is not too danger or rude ) for 4 hours. It is the second Graduate Day that I've seen and it is really hard to say which was more crazy.. Believe me, the imagination of students is very very BIG..

Well, I can't wait to my turn ;) WE'LL SMASH UP THIS SCHOOL !! ;)

where is all politeness..?
2008-04-23 @ 21:54:08
I go by tram to school.. For this 2 years I've seen many situations that made me angry, annoyed or just dumbfound me.. There are so many mature people who can't behave properly.. they scream and even curse.. and what is the worst they think they can teach manners the younger because of being older.. I know, I am in the group of young passangers and someone can tell me that I am not objective. I go with a woman who regularly scream and calls young girls bitches etc.. why? Nobody knows..
But I don't want to write about her.. On the contrary, today when I was getting off the tram I heard that one woman ( she was in her late forties maybe ) who before getting off approached to the driver's cabine and said to him "Goodbye"... Just one word.. But first time I was a witness of simple selfless politness.. I was just speechless..
Sorry if I bored you but I had to write about it.. Who knows if I'll see something like that once again..
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