2013-04-17 @ 21:32:08
This day was crazy, no leisure time, only learning and working.

I've learned few words today :

leisure time | work time
lack of initiative
nothing but troubles
sth was a reason to sb dismissal

I should write it down to memorize it :)
Now is time to watch film :D ( in English ofc )
2013-04-17 @ 07:54:16
I want to do sth in my life. Make a progress. Improve my English skills. I have no choice.
I've been working now in IBM ( it's only practice) but they require fluent English. I want to be fluent in English. And I decided that I will do sth with it. By little steps at first. My grammar is suck.
What I decided to do :
10 words everyday ( 70 in week, 300 in month , 3600 in year)
20 minutes everyday watching films in English
everyday reading 3 or more pages of book
Little steps will be my strategy. I believe I can improve, I'll do it !
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